Valentine’s Day is coming up! Everyone’s Instagram feed will be full of people sharing their best couple poses with their S.O.’s and a sweet caption to celebrate the occassion.

Why don’t you join in on the fun?

Whether you’re planning a couple’s getaway, a big date, or just Netflix-and-chill-ing at home, you can make your night Instagram-worthy and be your followers’ #CoupleGoals this year!

Don’t know where to start when posing for that perfect photo? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few couples photography ideas you can start from, and you can use them wherever you are. All you need is your partner, your phone, and maybe a tripod:

1. The Close-Up

Couples Poses: The Close-Up

Show how you love each other by holding each other close and zooming and cropping the shot real tight. It’s personal, intimate, and always sweet to see.

It’s the kind of photo that’s perfect for a night in. You don’t have to dress up or look for an interesting background and it keeps focus on what matters: you and your partner.

2. The Silhouette

Couples Poses: The Silhouette

Want to capture a night out? Maybe you’re enjoying the sunset together. With the silhouette, you don’t have to worry about smiling too much or angling your face to show your good side. You can just be with your partner enjoying the view and still get a great shot!

Pose with your heads pressed together, holding hands, or even sharing a kiss. Make use of props like an umbrella to reveal your romantic silhouette too, if you want!

3. The Piggy Back

Couples Poses: The Piggy Back

Show you’re a fun-loving and playful couple with this pose. It’s a great idea for a candid shot, and you don’t have to overthink your pose. When you’re genuinely goofing around and laughing, it will make for a better shot than if you’re mugging for the camera.

Don’t worry if it comes out a little blurry or framed imperfectly. Get creative with the cropping instead. Your genuine enjoyment will show, perfection or not.

4. The Lie Down

Couples Poses: The Lie Down

Here’s a pose that’s perfect if you’re going for a more rustic aesthetic with your couples pose. Just lie down on opposite directions with your heads pressed together. A great shot when you’re out for a picnic, or at the beach or wherever you’re laying down.

It’s fun and unique, and if that’s the vibe you’re going for, this is the perfect pose for you!

5. The Wide Angle

Couples Poses: The Wide Angle

Traveling and want to show off your love and your stunning view? Go for the wide angle pose. Pose a distance from the camera and capture both you and where you are, giving more space in the photo for your surroundings than yourself.

For a more dramatic effect, and to make sure you and your love don’t get lost in the photo, employ the Rule of Thirds technique when you take or crop the image.

It’s the holiday for lovers. Why not show off your love with a photo or two (or more!) on Instagram? Have fun with it! Set up a photo shoot with your partner. It can be a fun bonding experience.

With a little creativity, you can make these poses suited to you and your partner’s personality whether you want to share something intimate or show something quirky and fun, you can’t go wrong with one of these couple poses.