Mommy & Me photography has been booming with popularity now a days and it totally makes sense. With the rise of social media documentation, having photos with your little's has become a necessity. Every mother should have the opportunity to capture the beautiful imperfections of daily life with a child. But how do you capture those perfect candids?

Nothing is better than capturing that special bond between a mother and her children. Like we all say “Why do they have to grow up So fast!” As a photographer, I’m always encouraging my mama clients to book a mommy and me session. They are fun to do and they'll help capture the cute baby memories you’ll want to cherish forever.

If YOU’RE a photographer yourself (beginner or not) I’m going to share with you 5 easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you have great quality photos to give back to your clients!

Location, Location, Location

Shooting Mommy and Me Photos

Your location will completely set the mood. Ask your clients if there is any location they hold dear to their heart or absolutely love! Do they love the peacefulness of their home? Maybe the neighborhood playground where they spent most of their days or perhaps an empty field - a location that holds sentiment will make shooting there even more special.

My personal favorite are in-home mommy and me sessions. I’ll cover at least 3 rooms of the house - baby’s nursery, parents bedroom and playroom area.

Timing is Everything

Shooting Mommy and Me Photos

Raise your hand if you’ve ever woken a sleeping toddler? I DO IT ALL THE TIME and it’s not the prettiest. Understand that kid’s schedules are different than their parents. Be aware and respectful to their nap times and bedtimes. Although you may love golden hour, perhaps arranging a time in advance so that mama can ensure her littles are well slept and have full happy tummies.

90% of the time, I try to schedule all mommy & me sessions in the mid mornings - just before nap time or an hour or two after they have just woken up. When in doubt moms know best, so don’t be afraid to shoot during a time mama suggests.

Outfits - Getting Cute with Your Littles

Shooting Mommy and Me Photos

The sky is the truly the limit when it comes to shooting with your kiddos. I like to tell my clients to wear what feels comfortable. Similar to family portraits but have fun with it! I like to stick to neutral colors (navy, sage green, beige, white or blush pink) I find these colors compliment any skin tone and shooting location.


Shooting Mommy and Me Photos

I keep things very minimal. I only own 2 lens and that's all I’ll ever need. 95% of the time I use my 35mm lens. This is the perfect wide angle lens to capture moving bodies and take photos in small spaces. Sometimes I’ll whip out my nifty-fifty lens for those dreamy bokeh portraits when needed. For the most part, my 35mm lens is where it's at!

My style of photography is very simple - I’m very candid, therefore when taking photos I let mama and her littles take full control. I capture them playing, laughing, coloring and making sure snuggles are caught on camera. Real genuine moments.

The Post Shoot Magic - Editing

I do a lot of my post editing with Lightroom, and if I told you ALL my secrets I would be out of a job! (lol) But I will tell you this - for the days I can't whip out my laptop and spend 20 minutes uploading + editing a photo, I use the Instasize App. It's the perfect on the go editing app and the filters + fine adjustment tools it has will help me achieve Lightroom editing effects.