With clear blue skies up ahead, we’re seeing more people out here trying to get the perfect shot for the ‘gram. But the real question is, how can you make YOUR content stand out?

Instead of doing the typical summer photo sesh, let’s take it up a notch with your poolside photos. Here are 5 cool ideas that you can easily recreate or draw inspiration from this summer!

1. The iconic cannonball shot

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Can you even say that you’re out here living your best life this summer, without taking a huge dive (only if you can swim, of course) in the pool?

An iconic cannonball shot is truly the epitome of the ultimate summertime photo! Get a friend to play photographer for the day by capturing a shot of you going in for a big dive.

But if you’re looking for a way to really step up your Insta-game, then you might want to try getting that shot from a different perspective – yours. You can easily attach a wearable, waterproof camera onto yourself so you can give your audience a first-person perspective of all the action!

2. A look from inside a waterfall

Don’t let the summer pass you by without taking the time to bask in the tranquil oasis of one of nature’s best gifts – a peaceful waterfall.

Forget about your typical nature shot, let’s take it to the next level for the ‘gram.

For the best poolside photos, you’ve got to give your audience a fresh, new perspective – or really, just a first-person perspective will do the trick.

When heading in and out of a steady stream from a poolside waterfall (with your eyes and mouth shut) – it’s the perfect opportunity to attach a wearable, waterproof camera to yourself so you can capture the breathtaking perspective from within!

3. Underwater photography

Forget about taking your poolside photos outside of the water. To get fresh, unique content for the ‘gram, you’re going to have to think outside the box – or actually inside the water.

When it comes to underwater photography, you need to invest in special equipment to capture the best shots in those specific conditions.

Regular flash settings are no match for the murky waters underneath! To capture the beautiful ecosystems found underwater, it’s a good idea to grab an external underwater strobe to act as your underwater flash system.

4. Time lapse

We can all appreciate a well-executed time lapse post! There’s a magical quality about a wonderfully curated time lapse because it gives us a refreshing perspective on the concept of time – it quite literally unfolds right before our eyes.

Compared to the typical summer photo sesh, this is truly one of the easiest ways to step up your Insta-game… because, well, you don’t really have to do that much.

You just need to get your camera set up in a space with a clear view that you think would make for a great time lapse video. Then you can spend the next few hours having fun in the sun. Just make sure you don’t let your camera out of your sight!

5. Bring your puppy along for the photoshoot

Calling all dog parents!

Hands down this is one of the most creative ideas for a summer photo sesh. Especially, if you’re trying to curate content that’s not like anything else we’ve seen before.

You’re just going to need a little help… from your dog.

Pet owner or not, I’m sure we’ve all wondered at some point what the world looks like to the man’s best friend.

Bring your dog along with you to experience the poolside bliss. You can easily attach a wearable, waterproof camera to your dog’s harness to get a better picture of how he experiences a poolside adventure. Your audience will appreciate the fresh perspective from your furry assistant.

Just make sure you don’t let him out of your sight!