Photography Tips to Help you Capture Dreamy Vacation Photos

It’s taken you hours of planning and days of traveling, but you’ve finally made it to your dream vacation. A place you’ve bragged about to countless friends and co-workers, the scene previously documented by influencers posing effortlessly in front of; the rolling white/blue buildings of Greece, sacred temples in Indonesia, the front of a gondola boat floating through’s now your turn to document your very special moment. We’re here to give you 5 photography shooting tips to help you nail those dreamy vacation photos your feed seems to be filled with.

Time to Scout

Getting to foreign lands is only one half of the struggle, knowing photoesque spots to capture and share is the other. This is where the Instagram search bar comes in handy. To access, simply click on the magnifying glass on your bottom toolbar, select “places” and type in your target destination. This will bring up any photo that has been geotagged in that location, showing you places of interest, potential photo spots, photo ideas, etc.

Another great way to find hidden gems is taking some time to talk to the locals. Nobody knows the land better than those who call it home.

Early Bird Gets The...Photo

Travel Photography Tips

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a dreamy photo spot only to find it swarming with tourists all out to ruin your perfect shot. There IS a way to avoid the hundreds/thousands of tourists who visit popular scenic areas, and that is to wake up and get there before anyone else does. Menswear and travel enthusiast Adam Gallagher took this incredible shot on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. Notice how there’s nobody behind him or around him - quite the feat if you’ve ever traveled to New York City (home to over 8.5 MILLION individuals).

Although waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t desirable to most who are “vacationing”, the end goal of your hard work is an image that will make your friends and followers wonder how.

Look for Interesting, Eye-Catching, Color Combinations

Travel Photography Tips

If it looks like it would make the perfect background, chances are IT WILL. If you’ve ever been traveling around somewhere new and caught a sight that makes you stop in your tracks, you need to quickly put one foot in front of the other and walk towards whatever it is so you can take a photo (lol). On a serious note however, interesting color combinations and attention to detail will give your images depth, personality, and a sense of history. What better way to paint the story of your trip than with an iconic image taken in front of a dreamy backdrop.

Shoot in BURST Mode to Capture Movement

Travel Photography Tips

Ever wonder how influencers and bloggers capture those perfectly candid photos? The solution is simple: magic.

We’re kidding, but shooting in BURST mode (if you have an iPhone) will definitely assist in helping you nail those “Oh you know, just casually twirling around, smile on my face, beautiful background behind me, hair flowing in the wind…” type of photos. To shoot these, line up your photographer and inform them that all they have to do is hold down the shutter button for a couple of seconds. This is going to activate your iPhone cameras burst mode, meaning your iPhone is going to take multiple photos in succession. Now the fun begins! Take your mark and begin twirling, walking towards the camera, walking away from the camera, whatever you want to do just start moving. The more exaggerated you can make your movements, the better.

Once finished you can check out your images in your camera roll by tapping on the “select” button and scroll through your photo burst. Keep your favorites and delete the rest to save space!

*blogger Tezzamb has the flawless twirling thing DOWN. The “capture movement” queen continues to inspire us on the daily.*

Don’t Forget To Look UP

Travel Photography Tips

Sometimes we get so lost in the thrill of it all, we forget about the beauty that lies above us. Think of new and innovative ways to capture the city/country you’re in. One of our favorite tricks is to use the sky as a natural backdrop. Photograph the architecture around you with a new perspective by trying out interesting angles then what you’re used to.

Last but not least, you’re going to want to edit your beautiful travel images with a photo editor you can trust. Instasize comes equipped with over 60 + premium filters, a plethora of adjustment tools, and custom text layouts. Editing while on the go has never been easier, experience a free seven day trial of Instasize premium by clicking the banner below.

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