Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

We all follow them, the travel bloggers who have somehow turned their passion for traveling into a full blown career. Their beautiful photos from all over the globe truly capture what it means to be an entrepreneur millennial. We've learned that with a little bit of a courage and a whole bunch of tenacity, you too can travel the world, shooting memories to share as you go.

In an attempt to share some motivation to get out and explore this Labor Day weekend, here is our list of our Top 10 Travel Bloggers. Enjoy! Remember that it doesn't take a full blown plane ticket to find yourself lost & captivated by somewhere new.

1. Renee Hahnel

Have you ever just wanted to drop all of your worries, live in a van, and check out every National Park within the US? Well, if you’re job doesn’t permit that kind of freedom, don’t worry...we can all live vicariously through Renee’s breathtaking journey on the road. Australian Native, Renee Hahnel, is a full time blogger and photographer looking to travel the globe, one country at a time. As Renee likes to put it, “Let’s get lost.”

2. Ellie Bullen

My brunch buddy since B.B. (before birth 😉)

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We all have that dream of visiting beautiful locations, taking insanely gorgeous photos, and looking adorable while we do it, right? Well look no further, because it seems as if Ellie Bullen, nutritionist and dietician from Australia, has it all down. Whilst maintaining an impeccably healthy lifestyle, Ellie seems to make travelling to exoitc locations a part of her daily regimine as well. Looking for a dose of inspiration? You’ve found it.

3. Hayley Anderson

Craving a life of epic-travel plans? It seems as if 25-year-old, Hayley Anderson, may have figured out just how to do so. Now currently living in Greece for the European Summer, Hayley and her partner Kyle have lived nothing short of an exciting past couple of years. They toured 25 European countries in a camper-van and backpacked through Southeast Asia. Incredible, right? Hayley has made travel an everyday lifestyle for herself, and to say we are envious may be an understatement. Well done.

4. Samuel & Hildegunn Taipale

Looking for travel AND romance? Well we think we may have found the perfect combo. Samuel & Hildegunn Taipale may be the sweetest couple of all time, and we are currently obsessing over their feeds. The adorable couple is currently residing in Norway, and seem to have strong ambitions to see every corner of the world. Their stunning photos and picture-perfect relationship will leave you speechless. At what point does the Honeymoon end? Apparently for these two, never.

5. Lauren Parks

Lauren is a mixture of inspiration, creativity, passion, and adventure; she is definitely our type of girl. Her photographs are awe-inspiring and her personality is electric. Lauren’s dedication to finding herself through adventure is nothing short of amazing. We just might need to keep daily tabs on her feed for that extra bit of motivation. Keep it up, girl!

6. Chloe Barry-Hang

Fun, colorful, and adventurous are the three words that come to mind when gazing upon Chloe’s page. Twenty-two-year-old, Chloe Barry-Hang, seems to find the most beautiful landscapes with the most eccentric views. Her excitement for life is portrayed in every photo, and we are loving every second of it. We think we may need her help in planning our next vacay.

7. Sam Kolder

Sit back and hold on tight because fearless travel-extraordinaire, Sam Kolder, will take you on one thrilling ride. His thirst for adventure is represented through each cliff-hanging, city-overlooking, feet-dangling photo, and let me tell you, the views are impeccable. I think he may give the phrase “living life on the edge” a whole new meaning. Looking for some sky-high motivation? Sam Kolder’s feed will definitely take you to new heights.

8. Nicola Easterby

Full-time travel blogger and photographer, Nicola Easterby, is living in a fantasy world - or so it seems. With a growing list of countries she has visited (40 thus far), Nicola is inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to get out and explore the world. She claims that anyone can live this type of lifestyle if they want it bad enough, and without breaking the bank. Her openness with her career is one of the most enticing aspects to her online presence...not to mention her astonishing photography skills. Interested in what it takes to be a travel blogger? Polkadot Passport has your answers.

9. Leah Naomi


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All smiles from world-adventurer, Leah Naomi. Her bright and exciting page of travel will have you wish you were travelling right alongside her! Naomi has a way of giving each of her photos a flare of personality, and we love that about her feed. Her magnificent adventures are colorful, bright, and happy. Who doesn’t love that combo, right? Looking for some fun while you travel? Leah’s page might be exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Andy To

Perfectly crafted photographs of beautiful destinations is exactly what Andy's page represents. Each photo is just as breathtakingly crisp as the next, and we just keeping wanting more. Oakland, California native, Andy To, captures pristine beauty of exoctic locations around the world, and we all have the luxury of watching his journey unfold. Thanks for the awesome content-viewing experience Andy!

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