Our Favorite Fall Photo Filters

There’s nothing like changing leaves and cozy mornings with coffee when the seasons change. This is also when you begin to transition your Instagram feed into an autumn aesthetic. Here are our favor fall photo filters, as well as some tips on how to use them and why we love them.

Let’s take this picture courtesy of @sammidee, for example. Here’s the original pic:

Original No Filter


Omnific’s fall photo filters give off quintessential autumn vibes, and that’s why we love them.

O1: This classic Omnific filter will add a subtle blue tint to your pictures, while also providing a brown aura, to balance the cool blues with some warmth.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters O1
Original O1

O2: You should use O2 if you’re looking for a fall vibe without as much filtering as O1. You’ll get the effect of the gloomier fall days, and an increase in vibrance from colors in the orange and brown spectrum.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters O2
Original O2

O3: With O3, the colors of your photo still pop, while subtly tinting the photo with warmer tones. Similar to O2 yet slightly subtler, O3 brings increases the vibrance of the oranges and browns.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters O3
Original O3


Lush is another one of our fave fall photo filters. They are all more muted than Omnific, each offering their own pros and cons!

L1: You’ll notice that the L1 Lush filter actually makes the picture a bit brighter than the original! This filter is absolutely perfect for showing the more vibrant scenery of fall.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters L1
Original L1

L2: This Lush filter really picks up on the yellow and green tones in a photo, tinting it for fall while still keeping the color integrity of the original picture. This is a simple fall filter, and you can’t go wrong using it.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters L2
Original L2

L3: If you look closely, you’ll see that the sweater becomes much brighter when using L3. It turns into a stunning reddish-brown without really altering the color of the rest of the photo.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters L3
Original L3


H1: Adds a little personality to your fall photo, strengthening the colors and making the change of seasons look absolutely lovely.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters H1
Original H1

H2: This Hazelnut filter is rather strong, applying a bright and white tint over your photo. While it won’t work for every picture, H2 is great for pictures where composition matters more than color variant.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters H2
Original H2

H3: Perfect for creating a low contrast aesthetic, this Hazelnut filter will bring the loveliest tint to your next Insta post.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters H3
Original H3


Our Fusion set is true to its name: a fusion of different filters and vibes. In our opinion, this is what makes this filter set so fun! (But we’re not biased or anything.)

F1: Is our favorite for dimming the vibrancy of photos, which is great for giving the appearance of shade! Just look at how the overall contrast of the photo has been increased in a noticeable yet natural way, simply accomplished by applying filter F1.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters F1
Original F1

F2: For an old-fashioned, sepia vibe use F2! It’ll give your photos the nostalgic look of autumns past and make your pics look much more vintage.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters F2
Original F2

F3: Similar to F2, this Fusion filter provides a nostalgic, classic vibe. The major difference is that it has less brown undertones and more gray undertones for the aesthetic more along the lines of a treasured Polaroid.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters F3
Original F3


For a hybrid look of retro and modern, our Amber collection of filters are solid options to nail this aesthetic.

A1: Perhaps one of the best aspects of fall photo filters is the ability to repurpose summer pics in a new light — quite literally. A1 will have you reminiscing on beach days and lazy evenings watching the sunset.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters A1
Original A1

A2: This filter mutes bright tones, making them more neutral than they’d be otherwise. That makes A2 a great filter for photos that are extremely vibrant — especially for fall photos.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters A2
Original A2

A3: Every region doesn’t turn as dark and gloomy as it may in other areas, so if you’re ‘gramming from sunny California, warm Florida, or a beach somewhere on a sea, A3 is a natural choice.

Original No Filter Instasize Fall Filters A3
Original A3

What’s great about filters is that you can manipulate them to fit the current aesthetic of your feed. And don’t forget to keep in mind that you can change the intensity of each filter, therefore tweaking it to your *perfect* setting. 

Which one of our fall photo filters is your favorite? We’d love to know!

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