Springtime is one of the best seasons with flowers in bloom and the sun bathing everything in bright, natural light. It’s also a great aesthetic to adapt for your Instagram feed, giving it pops of color from cool, winter vibes.

Want to show your followers you’re feeling the season? Post more gorgeous photos of nature! Springtime is all about flowers and the green outdoors, and showing off how the seasons are changing.

Here are some of our favorite spring filters on Instasize that can make your posts beautiful and bright:

#1: Loon

Instasize Loon Filter Instasize Loon Filter

Before After

This filter highlights the yellow tones of your photo, giving it a sunny and cheerful look without losing contrast and saturation.

#2: T3

Instasize T3 Filter Instasize T3 Filter

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Going for a more vintage look that still makes nature elements pop? T3 gives photos that very aesthetic. It’s perfect for spring and summer.

#3: O2

Instasize O2 Filter Instasize O2 Filter

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It’s a reddish filter that brings out the colorful parts of the photo. You can always adjust the slider to apply it at its maximum or even just leave a hint of it.

#4: Hula

Instasize Hula Filter Instasize Hula Filter

Before After

This filter applies a cool undertone to your photo that will make it feel very much like springtime-- the flowers are in bloom, but the cool winter vibe isn’t totally gone yet.

#5: N2

Instasize N2 Filter Instasize N2 Filter

Want to go for something more dramatic to make your spring posts eye catching? This filter highlights the dark and the lighter parts of your photo, giving it sort of a vignette without the vignette.

There are lots of filters on Instasize that’s perfect for any season. You might even find more that will suit your springtime aesthetic. There are dozens you can use for free, but for full access to the app’s growing collection, you can unlock it by signing up for a premium account!

How do you show spring in your Instagram feed?