Instagram is constantly evolving, and it keeps content creators on their toes. If you’re a serious content creator, or just enjoy staying in the loop with what’s new with Instagram, there are some key new features you should know.

4-Way Video Chatting

This new Instagram feature is sure to secure the app as an essential addition to any phone. Not only is Instagram now offering video calling, it’s taking it up a notch (or four!) with 4-way video calling! You can catch up with up to 3 friends in real time, and on video!

How to video chat:

  • Step #1: On the Instagram app, open your direct messages and select a chat thread with someone you want to call.

  • Step #2: Tap the video camera icon at the top right hand part of the screen to start the video chat. You’re allowed to call anyone you can message directly.

  • Step #3: You can tap the squares icon on the video call to float the call on your phone, allowing you to browse without having to hang up.

  • Step #4: Tap the video icon to turn video on and off. The mic icon mutes or unmutes the conversation

Instagram Television - IGTV

The new Instagram feature everyone’s talking about is the IGTV. Instagram has rolled out a new feature allowing anyone to create videos longer than the feed’s 1 minute limit. You can upload these videos on your channel.

When you create an IGTV channel, your followers can automatically watch videos on your channel. You can also watch videos created by accounts you follow.

How to create your own IGTV account:

  • Step #1: On the Instagram app, open the IGTV feature (the orange TV icon at the top of your screen)

  • Step #2: Tap the Settings icon that is on the opposite side of your search bar. Tap ‘Create Channel’. Keep tapping ‘Next’ until your account is created.

  • Step #3: To add your own video to IGTV, tap the icon of your profile photo. This will take you to your channel.

  • Step #4: Tap the ‘+’ icon to pull up videos saved in your gallery. Instagram will only show you videos that are compatible with the platform. In order to be uploaded to IGTV, videos must be vertical and longer than 15 seconds.

  • Step #5: Once you’ve chosen a video, tap Next to edit the cover as well as add a title and description. After filling in the key details, just hit post!

Add Soundtracks

An upcoming exciting Instagram feature is the ability to add music to your stories! Finally, you can add the perfect background music that emotionally conveys how funny, sweet, or epic your stories actually are!

The cool thing about this upcoming feature is that you can actually choose popular songs and beats from artists that have partnered with the app! No need to worry about copyright on songs, nor just choosing from a small selection of free stock sounds.

These new Instagram features open up a world of possibilities for content creators. For users that want to keep growing their brand, it’s always a good idea to adapt to these new features and keep developing content types that work best for your profile, and something your followers will surely love.