Instagram Content Ideas For A More Creative Feed

When it comes to growing an audience on Instagram, consistency is key. There's a reason someone hit that follow button, and if you're looking to grow an Instagram empire, you have to be giving the people what they want; life through your lens! Creating Instagram content on the daily however can be increasingly difficult. Especially if you've run out of ideas, are sick of shooting the same #OOTD, sunset shot, etc.

Here at Instasize we aim at providing you both the tools and the knowledge to create fun, fresh, and trending material. We thought outside the box to bring you some photo taking inspo that will add the perfect touch of creativity to your feed. The only way to become a better content creator is to constantly push yourself into territories unknown! Good luck!

  • Capture the Ambience
    When we say "ambience" we're talking about feelings, emotions, the energy around you. There's nothing more beautiful than capturing a scene exactly how it is in real time. Removing yourself from the frame and appreciating what it is that stands before you is a practice so little of us partake in. We challenge you to capture more of the ambience around you the next time you're out and about searching for your next IG photo. You'd be surprised at how much beauty truly surrounds you on a daily basis, and your followers will love the sneak peeks into your life.

  • Embody Movement
    Capturing movement isn't the easiest thing to do. It requires you to either pose and pretend you're moving OR take a series of photos using an "iPhone Burst" and hope that one of them contains a winning shot. In both circumstances you're going to need another human to help, so link up with a friend and create some magic. The next time your eye catches some interesting architecture, a painted wall, or even a crosswalk, it's time to strut your stuff. Have someone align the shot, iPhone burst ready, and get to moving! The slower you walk, the better. Remember to pause between steps to alleviate any blurriness. You can always delete unwanted photos later. Nailing a movement photo is epic and your audience will appreciate the outcome, we believe in you.

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  • Utilize The Sky
    Let me paint the scene; you're scrolling through Instagram to stumble upon one of your favorite photographers, taking another super awesome, super creative photo. As per usual. And you think "HOW, how do they this do this ALL the time"? The answer is simple, they have been given a gift from the Universe. No I'm kidding, well maybe they've been given a gift, but so have you! Looking UP is a great way to spark some creativity. The sky provides for us a gorgeous backdrop DAILY that we rarely ever utilize. Hold up your coffee, your camera, your child, anything really, and the sky will do the rest. This Instagram photo is one of our favorites, so tag us in your shots for a chance to be featured!



  • Change Up Your POV
    POV - Point of View, just to make sure we're all on the same page here. For the days you want to capture your killer outfit but need another pose/angle that will really switch things up, try experimenting with natural elements! Say goodbye to the traditional colored walls and hello to urban contrast. Let the world be your backdrop and allow the outfit to speak for itself.

  • Clean Interiors Make For Gorgeous Photographs
    A clean interior photo is pretty common when scrolling through the feeds of your favorite Instagram clothing brands, but rarely are interior shots included elsewhere. Although these photos may not garner the same amount of likes + love that photos of YOU do, they are still essential when building the overall composition of your feed. They provide a nice balance and a touch of professionalism. Plus, you may discover a store you never knew you needed in your life while exploring for a nicely put together interior. Happy hunting!

  • Turn Your Favorite Quotes Into Content
    Words hold so much power, and once you realize how to creatively turn them into content, then the power lies within you! Sharing your favorite quotes with your following is a great way to spark some engagement, cast a positive ripple, and overall connect with the people who are investing time in what you have to share. Instasize makes adding text to any photo a breeze. With our 40 premium fonts, we're sure you'll find something that matches your aesthetic perfectly.

  • Revamp the Flat-lay
    Flat-lay photos will always be an integral part of anyone's IG feed. Who doesn't love getting that birds eye view of what's currently laid out before them? What we're challenging you to do this week is reimagine the classic flat-lay. How can you make it more interesting? More minimal? More eye catching? One way is to capture the flat-lay being captured. Flat-Ception if you will (so lame, but so good). Another way is to try and evoke an emotion through the scene you're painting. It's one thing to show everyone the food you're about to consume neatly organized in a photo. It's another to use minimal objects to create a sense of comfort, happiness, mystery, etc. Create a narrative with your caption and bam, you'll have Instagram success in no time.

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There you have it! We hope you leave this blog post feeling as inspired as ever to get out into the world and CREATE. It's incredible that in today's day and age we're able to share our experiences with a simple click of a button. Let your content fuel the imaginative spirit of both yourself, and those who follow you.

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