New Instasize Features! Filters, Marble Borders, & Beauty Tools

Did somebody features?? YES! What you've heard is true, new features have been released on Instasize and we're here to give you a more in depth look at each one. New filters, beauty tools, borders, and more!

The Charcoal Collection

The release of The Charcoal Collection brings 3 new black & white filters to our current filter arsenal. Give your photos a more finished and polished look with our C1 and C2 filters while C3 brings on a more vintage-y feel. Black and white edits have the power of turning an ordinary photo into a work of art - completely transforming the subject and details within your shot.

Marble Border Pack

When shooting photos you'd wish to edit with The Charcoal Collection, pay close attention to the a) lighting in your shot and b) surrounding materials. Black & white filters breathe new life into your photography, but they also have the power of darkening existing shadows, making them more apparent then they would be with a colored filter.

Adjust the intensity of your chosen filter with the filters adjustment bar. You can also adjust other aspects of the photo - contrast, sharpness, brightness, exposure, warmth, and more.

Experience a 7 day free trial of Instasize Premium - unlock The Charcoal Collection and other exclusive filter collections

The highly anticipated Marble Border Pack was finally released last week, and to say we've been obsessed would be an understatement. These marble finishes make the perfect backdrop for any photo + text post. Check out how to use our border backgrounds as text backgrounds in our tutorial: How To: Create Valentine's Day Content for Social Media using the Instasize App

Marble Border Pack

New Beauty Tools

Our latest update comes complete with three new beauty tools - Vibrance, Tan, and Glow.

Create highlight specific details in your photographs, further defining them and drawing spectators eyes into those specific areas.
To help you achieve a Summer glow all year round, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to cooler skin tones.
Brighten up specific areas of your photos without altering the overall tone of the entire photograph. Use our smart edit technology to brighten up certain colors within your photos.

Combined with our Blemish Remover, Skin Smoother, and Teeth Whitening, our Beauty Tools have become an editing powerhouse. Unlock full access to our beauty tools by signing up for a free 7 trial of Instasize Premium.

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