Mobile Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

Ever wonder how Instagram influencers can post beautiful photos armed with only their phones?

No, they don’t always buy the most expensive phone nor the most expensive app to get their well-liked results. They simply learned to use the tools they already have.

You’ll be surprised how much you can do on Instasize! From basic adjustment settings and cropping to adding filters and using beauty tools, you can transform a photo into something that’s Instagram worthy.

Let’s get started.

Part 1: Prepare the Photo

Prepare the Photo


Before you get creative with filters, you need to make sure you have a good base photo to work on. Pick whichever photo you want to edit, and then crop it according to size before adjusting the photo settings to make it better.


Just tap the crop icon on the editing screen and choose the resolution you want your photo to be. Here are some tips on how to crop and frame your photo:


Follow the rule of thirds, make your subject a bit off-center when cropping. When cropping people, do not crop on anatomical joints like exactly on the knees or elbows.


Even photos taken at natural light with the best cameraphone on the market need tweeks. Tap the adjustment slider next to the filter icon to pull up the photo settings. Mobile photo editing has made it easier to play around with a photo’s brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more.

Adjusting Photo Settings

  • Brightness - increases or decreases overall exposure.

  • Highlights - makes bright spots brighter or darker.

  • Shadows - makes dark spots darker or brighter.

  • Contrast - adjusts the difference between light and dark tones.

Beauty Tools

It’s details that will set your photos apart. A light touch with these additional Instasize tools can make all the difference. Tap the face icon to pull up Instasize’s beauty tools.

Instasize Beauty Tools

  • Whiten - whiten teeth, or even the whites of the eyes and areas on your photo you want to be pristine (like white walls).

  • Acne / Blemish - quickly tap away skin imperfections.

  • Smooth - soften the skin’s texture. You may want to use a delicate hand with this tool. You don’t want to look airbrushed.

Part 2: Adding Your Own Spin

After the above edits, your photos are likely ready for posting. If you’re looking after a specific aesthetic, or want to add elements like text or borders, you don’t have to switch to any other app. You can do all that on Instasize!


To apply a filter on your photo, tap the filter icon and then tap whichever filter you want to try out. You can easily increase or decrease intensity by tapping the filter again and pulling up the adjustment slider.


ProTip: Toning down a filter’s effect still gives you the aesthetic you’re going for without washing out elements of the original photograph.

Adding Text Styles

Sometimes, a word or phrase can elevate a photo--especially if it’s from one of your travels. Tap the ‘S’ icon to pull up the text styles options. Choose a font and design you want to try out and drag the text box in place. Pinch and expand the text box to resize it.

Adding Text Styles

Double-tapping on the text box will allow you to edit the text. You can also tap the color wheel to edit the color of the text.

Applying Borders

Going for a unique Instagram look, like white borders on your photo? Tap the square borders icon on Instasize to access the borders library. You can choose another photo from your gallery as border, a solid color, or one of the many patterns available in the library.

Applying Borders

There you have it! In just two quick parts, you can edit any photo on your camera phone and make it awesome.

Final Edit

Final Edit

Follow these photo editing tips for beginners, and with just a little practice your photos will be Instagram-ready in no time!

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