Managing Your Instagram DMs to Build Lasting Relationships

Seeing a lot of DMs on Instagram lately? Don’t worry, that’s a great thing! Your audiences enjoy your content so much, they want to directly contact your brand.

The right move is to always respond, but what if you have thousands of followers and hundreds of DMs coming your way?

You need to know how to manage your direct messages. In this way, you know you’re always taking time out in the day to consistently connect with your followers without it taking too much time away from growing your account and creating new content.

Here are some ideas you can implement to help manage your DMs:

5 Tips to Manage Instagram DMs

  • 1. Define your style and tone: Adopting the same style for replies helps make sure your branding is consistent, and sets the first impression that your brand will have with most people. Are you casual when you should be formal? Are you too stiff and curt with your replies when you put out fun content? Being consistent with public posts and private replies is important.

    Working with a team and managing a lot of messages? Create a style guide for your team to follow. It can be as simple as setting which words they can or cannot use, or even go-to emojis and gifs to respond with.

  • 2. Add DMs to your schedule: Even with only a handful of DMs, they might take up significant time. Maybe they’re inquiring about a complicated matter or there’s a lot of back-and-forth going on. To make sure you get through all your messages (or at least most of them), add replying to DMs as part of your daily Instagram routine. When you dedicate a time to answering DMs, you make it a priority, too.

  • 3. Make use of Instagram’s ‘Quick Replies’ feature: You want to be efficient, but you can’t always be available to answer every time someone sends a quick inquiry. This is where Quick Replies come in handy. Just enable them through the settings and follow the steps to set them up. You’ll be able to craft replies and assign them shortcuts. Just type these shortcuts on the DM window and the sender will get the answer they need.

  • 4. Filter your messages: To reply to the most number of messages, you may want to flag messages that require more time to respond to as you go through those that can be answered quickly. This method makes sure you go through as many messages as possible while ensuring these longer messages don’t get buried in the heap.

  • 5. Reply and react to comments: Getting plenty of comments improves your post’s algorithm on Instagram, increasing its changes to show up on your followers’ feed. One of the best ways to get them to comment more is when they see you interact with other commenters, even the negative ones

The ‘social’ aspect of social media is very important, especially with Instagram that measures engagement. Taking the time out of your day to reply to Instagram DMs will go a long way towards engaging them. Followers are more likely to like, comment, and share posts of brands that they connect with.

Be responsive and interact with your followers and not only will your account grow, you’ll get to meet people, too!

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