It’s summertime! Are you all set for your summer adventure?

Make sure you make the most out of the season by taking photos you’ll cherish forever--and your followers will definitely like and comment on!

Not sure about poses and summer photo ideas? Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Poolside Pic: Show off your toned and tanned legs with your favorite cool cocktail of choice! It’s a great way to share that you’re living your best life this summer.

    The Poolside Pic

  • Taking the Plunge: Nothing like jumping into a pool or the ocean with wild abandon. An action shot of you surrounded by the beach just screams #lovemylife.

    Taking the Plunge

  • Overlooking the Horizon: Visiting someplace with an infinity pool? Show off your cute outfit, your swimming skills, and the breathtaking view all in one shot!

    Overlooking the Horizon

  • Underwater: If you’ve got the tools for it, capture the fun underwater, too! Take a pic of you swimming with the fishes or getting up close and personal with coral reefs.


  • Summer Eats Flatlay: Summer doesn’t just mean good weather, it also means good food and good company. Flatlays of summer spreads make for awesome colorful summer-themed shots.

    Summer Eats Flatlay

How to Make Your Summer Photos Pop

You have great natural lighting, you outfit and make-up is perfect, and you’re even having an awesome tropical vacation--but what if the photos don’t come out perfect?

There are easy fixes!

You can fix minor inconsistencies and make your photos pop by using Instasize Beauty Tools.

  • The Acne Tool: If you want to hide away some blemishes or imperfections on bikini pics, this tool is your best friend. Just tap the areas you want to clear, and imperfections will be gone.

    Acne/Blemish Tool - Before Acne/Blemish Tool - After

    Before After

  • The Whiten Tool: Make sure your pearly whites really glimmer. You can even use this tool on other elements like backgrounds and clothing. If the whites of your photos are pristine, other colors pop effortlessly!

    Whiten Teeth - Before Whiten Teeth - After

    Before After

  • The Tan Tool: So maybe going natural isn’t giving you the tan of your dreams. You can enhance it with the Tan Tool!

    Tan Tool - Before Tan Tool - After

    Before After

Get a picture-perfect reminder of your unforgettable summer! Get creative with your photos and use Instasize’s Beauty Tools to make them look as fun and vibrant as you feel.