New Holiday & Joy Border Packs from Instasize

For the 2018 holiday season we are releasing two festive, watercolor themed border packs to help make your photos really celebrate the holiday cheer. These minimal-yet-colorful borders are perfect for adding a pop of color to wintery scenes, or providing a touch of contrast to your family photos. 

Holiday Border Pack Joy Border Pack Holiday Border Pack

How to Make a Christmas Card with Instasize

If you’re wanting to make Christmas cards, you don’t need to use a special service or make things complicated. Not to mention, December appeared out of nowhere and time is ticking. Luckily, you can make your own Christmas Cards.

Don’t worry; we’re not trying to make your hands full. Our tips for DIY Christmas cards can all be done from the comfort of your couch. (You know, as long as you have your phone and the handy dandy Instasize app.)

Step 1: Come up with a great idea!

The first step to a great Christmas card is an awesome idea. Your Christmas card should be true to who you are and the people you’re taking it with. Whether you’re sending a Christmas card of your doggo, alongside your partner, with your family, or with your roommates, you should establish a clear idea. Will it be sentimental? Funny? Outlandish? That’s for you to decide.

Instasize Christmas Card Creation

Step 2: Find the right background

If you’re going to make your own Christmas cards, you’ll want to make sure the background is not only cute, but follows the theme as well. Some great backdrops for your picture are in front of a Christmas tree, under a mistletoe, in front of Christmas lights, or even cozied up in front of the fireplace. It doesn’t have to be complex, just festive.

Step 3: Use the self-timer, so everyone is included

Depending on where and when you’re taking your pictures, there may not be anyone to take the picture for you. This is especially true if you’re taking the photos at home, where the only people there are the people who are going to be in the picture. This is where self-timer comes into play! It’s a handy feature on your phone that will make snapping the perfect Christmas photo easier than you’d thought.

All you need to do is find somewhere to prop up your phone (at the proper angle to take the photo you’re planning). You may have a tripod for your cell phone already if you’re experienced with using the self-timer. But if you don’t, it’s totally okay to DIY by stacking and tilting things until you can place your phone camera just right. From there, all you have to do is press the self-timer setting on your camera, then run into place so you can join the picture in time.

Step 4: Borders, borders, borders

Instasize Borders for Christmas Cards

Is it a Christmas card if you don’t have a cool border? Adding a border to your photo will nail the holiday theme into place. You can do it right in the Instasize app while you’re editing. Some of our faves include the six festive borders within the Nordic pack. You can move the slider to make the border as big or as small as you’d like.

Step 5: Got text?

Instasize Text Styles for Christmas Cards

An awesome Christmas card always has a sweet message! You can add a message to the photos with Text Styles and Text To Photos, following the theme of your idea! So whether your message is sweet or funny or somewhere in between, make it true to you.

Step 6: Send ‘em off!

Whether you decide to print the Christmas cards and mail them, email them to family and friends, or just post them on the ‘gram, you can now enjoy your custom Christmas card.

Instasize Christmas Card

We’ve always got you covered with the best tips and tricks, and our guide to DIY Christmas cards is no different. Happy holidays!