Instagram stories is filled with features that provide endless possibilities for content. You can share short clips or even host quick polls for your followers. These options are available to users, whether they’re influencers with massive followings or just beginners.

One particularly useful feature, however, needs to be unlocked--the ‘swipe up’ feature. This enables you to link to any article when you post a story. This feature is currently only available to accounts with 10k followers or more.

If you want to link to anywhere from Instagram, you have to go with the old ‘link in bio’ trick.

Even if you only have link in bio as an option, you can make the process easier for your followers, especially if you’re linking to something via Instagram stories.

How to Turn Your Brand Logo into a Swipe-Up Button

There’s a nifty little ‘hack’ you can try out to direct followers to the link you want them to check out. Here’s how to add a link to an Instagram story:

  • Step #1: Place the link you want accessed on your bio. Make sure your bio also includes a brief call to action directing visitors to tap on the link.

  • Step #2: Make your Instagram story. To include your brand logo in the content, you can use photo editing apps like Instasize. You can place your logo at the top or the bottom. Don’t have a logo? There are many tools to choose from that can help you, but a few we like are Placeit's logomaker and Tailor Brands toolbox logo maker 

  • Step #3: Upload your content to Instagram stories. Access the stickers and choose the @mention sticker.

  • Step #4: Type in your own username and choose the text style that makes it a bit transparent. Shrink the @mention sticker and overlay it on where your logo is placed. Make sure it’s small enough to blend into your design somewhat, but bit enough to be tapped.

  • Step #5: Make sure to add a call to action pointing to the logo, encouraging viewers to tap, leading them back to your profile.

Instagram stories have over 400 million active users daily. This kind of high-traffic feature is the best place to share a link to outside content or even your profile.

While informing followers to check out the link in bio, it requires viewers to leave the stories flow and find your profile via search before tapping the link. This workaround cuts down the steps they need to take and gives them a direct link to your profile.

As you wait to hit that awesome 10k milestone, this method may be the next best thing. Using your Facebook and Instagram logo as the ‘link button’ also adds to branding consistency, which is essential for accounts that are experiencing rapid growth.

Do you have other methods for linking Instagram followers to outside content?