6 Key Steps to Having a Successful Instagram Page

Looking to create a successful Instagram page, maybe begin working with brands as a hobby or part time job? There are certain characteristics and patterns we've noticed to grow your Instagram followers that do significantly well in regards to growth and engagement. Today we're here to share that insight with you, a little Instagram inspiration if you will!

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Let it first be known however that "Instagram Success" no longer comes in the form of large followings. Instead, success comes from engaged audiences and great content. Here are the best ways to become the Instagram inspiration you seek!

  • 1. Make an Impression

    The first thing someone see's when they visit your page for the first time is your bio! A few words can go a long way and a first impression can never be re-done. Instagram currently allows you to have up to 150 characters in that itty bitty bio, which isn't a lot when we're talking about a first impression.

    If you aren't set up as a business account, then definitely include your name and/or nickname. If you are set up as a business account then any name associated with your Facebook page will display at the top along with whatever niche you select. We highly recommend creating a Facebook Page and then linking your Instagram account to that Facebook Page. This will not only allow your audience to better communicate with you, but it will also open up a world of Instagram insight to help you better understand your audience. 

    Next you're essentially going to want to tell a complete stranger a few things about who you are and what you love. It's not as scary as it sounds! We've noticed that the bigger the influencer is, the less personal information they share in their bio. And keep in mind that everyone is different in how they approach their Instagram Biography. Generally speaking however, you can never go wrong with a few bullet points + some emojis. Let this stranger know what they can expect from your feed!

    A few examples:

    If you're going to be posting external content elsewhere, like a blog, youtube video, et..then your Instagram Bio is the PERFECT place to advertise that link. Instagram currently allows you to include ONE, count em, ONE link along with your bio, and directing your IG following to that link is a breeze. Just get crafty with your wording because again, you are limited to 150 characters!

    Example of a Business Profile Description Example of a Personal Profile Description
    Good Example of a Business Profile Description. @dukes_barber_shop Good Example of a Personal Profile Description. @mochthecorgi

    Your success on Instagram is going to rely heavily on your ability to build a working relationship with people you've never met (what a strange world we live in). And your bio is the very first step in establishing that relationship. Be as authentic as possible!

  • 2. Utilize Instagram's Tools

    As of December 5th, Instagram now allows you to save any content you post onto your Stories for forever! In fact, the app will archive your content regardless if you want it too or not, find out about other recent changes to the platform in our previous blog post: Changes to Your Favorite Social Media Apps

    This latest adaptation to Instagram can work in your benefit however, and here's why. Instagram Stories takes away the stress of having to carefully curate + edit content that matches your feed. It's the perfect way to include more personal aspects of your life and when utilized, can help you gather a better understanding of who you audience is and what they want to see more of.

    Instagram Stories Instagram Stories

    Stories Highlights

    If you do take the time to craft together a visual work of art on your IG Stories, then showcase it for longer amounts of time using a Story Highlight. This nifty little tool will allow you to save + display previously made IG Stories for longer than 24 hours. Categorize the content you upload into fun slideshows that new followers can skim through the first time they visit your page. Influencers have created story highlights for their #OOTD's, glimpses of their favorite products, their favorite music, inspiring quotes, etc.. you can create and categorize your content in any way you'd like.

    Instagram Highlights Instagram Highlights

    Story highlights are a fantastic way to add a more personal touch to your Instagram bio as they reside right underneath it.

  • 3. Maintain A Consistent Message

    If you read through any advice articles on how to have a successful Instagram page, the topic of consistency is bound to get brought up. "Make sure you post daily" "make sure your feed looks good as an entire composition". Although these are valid points that one should take into consideration when growing an audience, what's even more important is the message you're trying to push with this content. What is it you want people to takeaway from you and your journey? This may cause you to dig a little deeper, but that self-reflection is important! We must give meaning behind these little 1x1 squares, if not, what's really the point?!

    Are you looking to cast ripples of positivity? Starting a fitness journey? A blog? Something new in general? Then let your followers know. They are becoming an active part of this journey because they are the one's holding you accountable!

  • 4. To Receive Engagement, You Have to Give Engagement

    It's the Golden Rule, treat others how you would like to be treated. In the Instagram world that translates to "if you want to receive engagement, you have to give it". Being an active member of the Instagram community is important! The best way to do this is to follow people within your niche and actively comment on their posts. Find out what hashtags are trending within your niche and stalk those! Spread love and encouragement anywhere you can! Your goal is to get your name in front of eyeballs that are already looking at similar content (and also spread some love because the world needs it)!

    Instagram Highlights

    @madds regularly engages with followers and commentors on Instagram

    Another fun way to boost engagement on your personal page is to ask for it! Start the conversation! Get creative with your photo captions and ask for feedback in the comments. Don't forget to respond back to everyone who takes the time to leave you a comment! Even a simple emoji will show that you've received their feedback and are grateful for it. Check out more ways to boost your Instagram Engagement Rates here.

  • 5. Partner with Brands

    If you are looking to partner with brands then there are a ton of services you can be applying for that will connect you to current brands looking for exposure. Below are some of our favorites:

    LocalFluence: Only applicable if you live in Utah, this service is amazing if you're trying your hand at creating branded content for the first time. All you need to apply is at least 100 followers!

    Social Native: Another great resource for finding brands looking to partner with micro-influencers aka YOU. Applicable to anyone within the U.S

    Collabor8: Collabor8 is an app that links up creatives looking to work with other creatives + brands. It's the perfect way to find people + brands in your area looking for collaborative work.

    Revfluence: Not only is Revfluence a great resource for keeping track of rising social media trends, it's also a great way to find brands looking for content!

  • 6. Have FUN

    Instagram doesn't have to be burdensome or hard. Think of it as another outlet to channel your creativity! Don't be afraid to try new editing techniques, take different pictures, step out of your comfort zone! Make sure you're creating content around things you genuinely love doing. Success doesn't happen overnight and in order to build a presence you have TO BE a presence. Trust us, that takes time! Be resilient in your efforts, offer your audience value with the content you're posting, and craft beautiful material using Instasize. It's that simple.
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