Growing Through Sound, Interview with Musician @raymvsic

Instasize: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music.

@raymvsic: Hi everyone! I'm Ray and I'm from Rome, the Eternal city.

I started playing the guitar and making music at the age of 13.

That period of my life I was an extremely introvert guy and I could hardly express my feelings through words. I needed to find a way to express myself, to create something positive and to find meaning in my life. So, I started trying a lot of stuff until I tried playing the guitar. I felt immediately that that was the right thing for me. In that moment my life literally changed.

Instasize: How and why did you get started on Instagram? Do the two (music & IG) go hand in hand?

@raymvsic: I started using Instagram in a professional way exactly 17 months ago to promote myself and my music, and to try to share my feelings with the world. Other than just making music, I also started to study how to making content (make videos, editing pictures) and promote myself with no budget. Since then, I constantly study to improve my editing skills. There are an infinite number of skills out there to learn. I just want to do my best to learn as much as possibile, and to always share better content with my audience :)

I think that in 2019 Instagram is the best platform for artists like me to share their art and try to make a living from it. So, definititely yes. Music and Instagram go hand in hand!

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Wild soul ॐ

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Instasize: What inspires you to create? How do you keep your creative juices flowing/stay motivated?

@raymvsic: Creativity has always been so natural to me since I was just a kid. I've always tried to convert all my emotions (both positive and negative) into something productive like music, videos, art in general. If I didn't make music and express myself I would feel suffocated. So, it's really a necessity. It makes feel alive. :)

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Take my breath away

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Instasize: What's next for you?

@raymvsic: At the moment I'm planning on releasing a lot of unedited music, along with some official videos over the next few months. It's not easy to get into in the music industry as an independent artist, but I'm working hard to find a way to do it and to share my music with as many people as possible.

I also have a lot of ideas for projects in mind right now. Stay with me and you will find out more.

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The sky is falling 🔥🐉

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Instasize: Besides music, what do you do for fun? Tell us something random about yourself.

@raymvsic: There are a lot of things I love doing besides music. I absolutely love hiking and exploring-staying connected to nature is one of my favorite things. I really enjoy being in absolute silence in front of a waterfall or under a tree. I'm truly grateful to be a part of it and to have the chance to be here!

I also have a passion for reading books on a variety of things like psychology and spirituality, esoteric things, and ancient philosophies, as well as watching documentaries on quantum physics. I'm a very curious guy, I often want to find out more and better understand the mysteries by which we are surrounded... then I remember that I am only human hahah :)

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On the edge of the world 🌍🎸

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Instasize: What's the best advice you could give someone?

@raymvsic: I'd like to give an advice to all creative people out there, who are striving to follow their passions and make a living through social media.

Don't chase numbers and don't chase success. Don't want to be an influencer and don't chase money. Focus yourself ONLY on your art and on becoming better every day. Try to make art only to express yourself in a pure way and to give value to other people. Nothing else.

You need to be patient, because it will take a lot of time and effort, but if your stuff is good enough then money and other stuff will come as a side effect. If you give true value to people, they will respect and support you. You won't have to worry anymore about how to make money etc. because you will attract a lot of work this way. Remember one more time: focus all your energy on your art and on the people who support you. That's the key.

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My mind was a cage for so long. I've been wondering a lot what it was freedom, and how it was to feel truly free.. in a society that wants everything about you, except your freedom. In a society in which matters most how you look rather than who you are inside. In a society in which the only thing that we've been taught is to become "someone", expect your true self. In a society in which it's more important satisfy your ego than feed your soul. ॐ I always hated all of that. I've never accepted to follow a path that someone had already chosen for me. So, I decided to choose to change my reality and to try to create my own path. I just wanted to be free and totally myself. I started to study and to observe everything about my inner and exterior world 🌍 I spent so much time alone, trying to search the truth, my truth. Music helped me a lot in this process. After so many years I came to the conclusion that nothing in this world is actually "real". The only thing that really exist is the energy. There is no one singular "reality", the "good" and the "bad", but an infinite number of reality equally right. You are the one who decide in which reality/frequency tune yourself, like it was a radio. Every emotion and thought vibrate at a certain frequency, exactly like in the music. The frequency in which you are in tune with creates day by day the reality you are living. So, we should first remove the negativity around us, to discover the light inside us💡 It's already there, is that we don't know yet. We are already free, is that we don't know yet. There are no mental and physical cages. We create everything that we call "reality". Everything is in our mind 🧠 We don't exist just like physical body, so we cannot be in a cage. We are just energy. And the energy is FREE.

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Instasize: Where else can we find you (other social handles, website, soundcloud)?

@raymvsic: You can find me EVERYWHERE as @raymvsic

Thank you for having me, I hope everyone reading has a great day.

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