Balancing Act: Interview with Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

Instasize: What is your favorite aspect about being a Fitness Influencer?

Jazmin Ferrante: Being a fitness influencer allows me to share my passion with anyone willing to listen. As to why I do what I do or why i’m passionate about being active - it’s so important for me to share the message of self love. I want women to love their bodies during every part of their journey. I was once at a point in my life where i was giving myself to everyone else but me and I wasn’t happy. Self care is so important, it’s not a selfish mentality and I think it’s sometimes viewed negatively. I want to shine self care and self love in a positive way, so it’s very important for me to live that truth, to express it everyday in hopes of motivating others to do so as well.

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: How much time do you dedicate to shooting, editing, and essentially planning your Instagram feed and online content?

JF: My goal is 1 or 2 days a week right now - It definitely changes every week though. I try and incorporate as much of my day to day lifestyle as I can, which helps with content. If i’m out doing something with Holden i’m always snapping photos and taking videos. I love being natural and being realistic so that’s what I aim for everytime I post. When it comes to editing I either edit on my phone if I’m trying to get a quick edit up and posted, Instasize helps with this because it’s super easy to use and the filters match my theme perfectly, Flume and Koto are my favorite filters hands down! If I shot with camera then I’ll wait to upload those photos at the end of the day so I can view/edit on my computer.

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: Do you use any specific apps or methods to staying organized and managing your time?

JF: Google calendars is life! I actually use the the iphone calendar as well. I add everything in as quickly as I can because I get so busy that I can’t rely 100% on my memory (mom brain, right?) My boyfriend and I currently share each others calendars and that helps when it comes to planning out dates, activities with Holden, etc.

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: You balance being a full time mama, having a full time job, and your online presence very well! What does a typical day in the life of Jazmin Ferrante look like?

JF: Well first of all, Thank you!! Here’s a typical day run down:

  • 4am: Wake up for the day

  • 4:30am: Clock in and get working (my job allows me to work from home)

  • 8am: Get Holden up, ready and off to school (I also squeeze in a second breakfast/early lunch at this point lol

  • 9am: Go back to work for another 4 hours.

  • 1pm: Hit the gym then pick up Holden from school. My first thought when i pick him up is “okay this child is hungry!” so we find an after school snack or a whole meal. Now that it’s warm outside.. we love to be out and play. If he’s occupied that’s typically the time i use to get things done on my own, projects I'm working on, studying or if i feel i need to lay down for a moment, I do. Self care people!

  • 6pm: Dinner time for Holden and I

  • 7-8pm: Homework with Holden, get him ready for bed

  • 9pm: Me time, work on projects, edit photos, read

  • 11-12pm: Get into bed and do it all over again the next day

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: What is your why?

JF: This is a huge question for me, I could talk about this for days because it makes me so excited! Of course having a child motivates me to be better and do better but at the end of the day my passion comes down to me and what I love and why I do what I do. I've been through a lot these last 10 years and although they have been tough they have made me into the woman i am today. I've had to overcome some big obstacles and although i could have used the gym or being active as an outlet it would have never worked if my mind wasn't in the right place. The mind is so powerful and I feel it goes unrecognized when we succumb to the daily motions of life. Your mental health is just as vital as your physical health. My slogan is FIT MIND + HEALTHY BODY and that is my why.

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since having Holden?

JF: This may sound silly but having a child has shown me how important consistency and structure is. If you wake up and you have a plan that is set with intention you will succeed. Reinforce goals and get creative to find ways to stay motivated and disciplined.

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to embark on their own fitness journey?

JF: Don’t compare. I know people hear this all the time and it’s definitely easier said than done. But everyone starts somewhere, and comparing will only set you back. Focus on YOU!

Fitness Influencer Jazmin Ferrante

IS: What’s next for Jazmin Ferrante? :)

JF: I am currently studying to get my personal training certification within the next month and a half (July!). Then after that my goal is to get certified in Nutrition. Next would be to have an office where I can meet clients and talk nutrition, self love, and confidence! Starting the session with meditation to bring the mind into the moment and figure out their intent and to dig deeper into belief systems, crushing any self doubt, and using that fuel to better their life!

A big thank you to Jazmin Ferrante for sitting down with us and for her constant motivation! You can follow her journey at these places:

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