Instagram Trends: Finding the Perfect Preset & Filter Aesthetics

One of the great things about Instagram is the sheer variety of looks you can give an individual picture or video. You want to make a picture seem like it was taken in the mid 90’s? There are filters for that! Longing for that old-style 16mm aesthetic for your video? There’s an Instagram preset for that, too. Whatever look you want to try, chances are there’s a specific filter or preset that can help you achieve that. And that’s just scratching the surface of what Instagram has to offer. Finding a look you like is one thing, but the latest Instagram trends show that what really draws people in is a well curated theme. First impressions last, after all, so you want to your feed to draw audience in.

The down side to having so much choice is the temptation to just go crazy and use as much as you can. Which is fine, if that’s what floats your boat; but it makes for a chaotic wall. Choosing a great look for your images is a start, but considering how those images look together on your wall is where it’s at. If you want to make a big splash on the platform, you need to have a plan for both your individual images and your overall theme. Consistency in your aesthetic choices is key here, so it’s important to really nail down what filters and presets before populating your feed. Let’s go over some of the latest Instagram trends to help you get started picking your look and theme.

Old-School Cool: Vintage & Retro Photo Edits

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Ask me if my pen was hiding in my sleeve🦕

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There’s a huge nostalgia wave sweeping through pop culture today, and Instagram is seeing its share of old school cool. Film filters, disposable camera apps, and vintage templates are the favored tools of many Instagrammers. One of the most popular retro apps is HUJI Cam, which gives users the ability to take photos and auto-apply a single filter, lens flare, and even a 1998 timestamp in the corner of the image. Popular influencers like High End Hippie have created a ton of content using the app.

Instasize Oak Filter Instasize 1989 Filter

Oak Filter 1989 Filter

If your tastes run to the softer, warmer vintage feel, Instasize’s Oak and 1989 filters work great. They give your images a high contrast look, while not making your skin tones appear washed-out. Perfect for a warmer, more natural retro feel. For your videos, there are apps like 8mm that add things like retro filters, light leaks, dust, and scratches to your footage, giving it that vintage feel.

Back to Basics: The Minimalist Aesthetic

One of the most popular Instagram trends today is the minimalist look. The clean, crisp images are a great way of presenting your visual content in a polished and organized way. It works particularly well with product shots, giving a neat and polished aesthetic to your images. A great example of this is The Minimalist. The presentation of their designer made pieces embodies the look completely.

Instasize N2 Filter Instasize N2 Filter

N2 Filter N2 Filter

Instasize’s N2 filter works perfectly with this style, giving the whites in your image an incredibly crisp look.

Be Bold: The Vibrant Looks

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Blending in or standing out? 🚦 @aldo_shoes

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Almost on the other end of the style spectrum is the bold and vibrant look. This aesthetic just grabs your attention. Its bright colors convey a sense of fun, and elicit a cheerful, youthful feel. A great example of this look is Tara Whitman’s feed. Her bold and vibrant photos from around the world have garnered her over 881,000 followers.

Instasize M2 Filter Instasize Osaka Filter Instasize Arya Filter

M2 Filter Osaka Filter Arya Filter

Check out the M2, Arya, and Osaka filter on Instasize if you plan to go this route. Arya and M2 keep your background bright and clean while allowing your subject to pop, giving the overall image a sun kissed feel. If you’re taking a picture in relatively harsh sunlight, the Osaka filter will help by adding and highlighting yellow tones to your image. It will enhance the colors of your photo without crossing over into oversaturation.

Consistency is Key: The Monochrome Feed

Instasize C2 Filter Instasize C2 Filter Instasize C2 Filter

C2 Filter C2 Filter C2 Filter

One of my personal favorite visual aesthetic is the monochrome look. It’s not a style you see too often on Instagram, which means you can use it to great effect if you want to stand out. It’s a perfect look for brands with a classic, timeless personality. Monochrome images also lend themselves beautifully to portrait shots, often giving the viewer an almost intimate feel for the subject. The contrast between the tones can also highlight more detail on the photo, which makes it perfect for conveying texture. The C2 filter on Instasize works great with monochrome by deepening the backs in your image, giving dramatic contrast between the shadows and highlights.

Whatever look you decide to go with, remember to consider how that particular aesthetic pairs with what the images you take. Are you taking F&B shots of colorful confections? Or is your subject the wrinkled, kindly, but still beautiful face of your favorite aunt? The feeling you want to project to your audience should directly influence your choice of look. I hope this helps you get started in finding the perfect Instagram presets and filter aesthetics for what you want to express. Good luck, and remember to have fun with it!

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