Instagram Stories Hacks - Creating Engaging Content

Instagram stories have taken the social media world by storm. Around 300 million Instagram users upload at least one story per day, and it is, without a doubt, the most popular social media platform at the moment. Learn how to create engaging content for the platform by using our top 5 Instagram Stories Hacks.

With the multiple editing tools, stickers, and GIFs, Instagram Stories lets its users edit content that promotes freedom and efficiency. While there’s already so much room for expression and personalization, you can still take your stories to the next level by adding a couple of tricks up your editing sleeve. Here are some easy hacks to make your Instagram Story game stronger so your followers will tap and hold your next posts.

1 - Doodle and be Creative

How fun is it to use the pen tool? Aside from giving your stories some personality, the pen tool can be used as a means to create powerful designs. With the pen tool on Instagram, the possibilities go as far as your creativity reaches. An easy way to do this is by using the fine tip and tracing along the shape of the photo’s object with lines and dots for a fun look that’s almost good enough for posters. You can also draw line art on landscape photos to make your posts look like they’re characters from an animated movie. There’s really no rule or limit to doodling, so you are allowed to go crazy!

2 - Incorporate Typography and Design

Instagram Stories turned its text tool into an extension of our thoughts, and it’s usual to see text-heavy stories from people you follow. Some even use it to tell short stories in multiple, climactic posts. Instagram has 5 fonts to choose from, but the selection gets tiring after a while. The new version of Instasize has an in-app text tool with over 20 creative fonts to choose from. There’s a font perfect for all kinds of mood, and the fonts are perfect if you’re into typography. Instasize also lets users adjust the size, tracking and kerning for a full-on typography experience.

3 - Add Text Shadows and Boxes

Since we’re on the topic of typography, another text-related Instagram story hack is by adding shadows to your text. You can do this by simply creating two layers of text and placing them on top of each other with a slight difference in angle. Use contrasting colors with the darker color on top of the light one. You can also make your text pop by using the highlighter pen to make shapes on which you will put your text over.

Pro Tip: Consider adding Instagram story links to make the most out of your Instagram Stories! By adding a link, you are able to direct your viewer to an external link like your blog or web store. This is a technique that is known to increase conversions especially if you are selling a product or asking for signups!

4 - Use Photos as a Border

Resizing photos within a photo border is a design trend that a lot of celebrities and influencers use on their posts these days. If done right, this hack gives off a gorgeous editorial effect and your stories will look like they came straight off a magazine. The contrast of the layered prints adds a ritzy touch to photos, especially if bold colors are present in the images you choose. Check out the tutorial, How to use your images as a background.

5 - Add Lines, Shapes and Dots

Adding lines and dots to your photos create a festive mood to your posts, and it adds an 80’s flair, which is a design trend at the moment! Don’t be afraid to experiment with variety as you choose color themes and patterns to create. You can also adjust pen thickness to mix and match the lines for a confetti effect.

If you try any of these Instagram Stories Hacks, please tag us @instasize.official and use the hashtag #InstasizeCreatives so we can see! We love sharing our favorites!

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