The new year is here, and saying goodbye to the wild ride that was 2018 is on everyone’s minds. Whether you’re cleaning out your closet and rearranging your belongings (thanks, Netflix) or trying to cultivate newer, healthier habits, it’s always good practice to start the upcoming year with optimism. Treat your work in social media the same way—look back, see what works, and bring both those and all-new strategies to your work this year.

Last year, Instagram made quite a number of updates and dropped some useful information to help users and businesses understand what goes into the site. One of the biggest reveals was exactly how the Instagram algorithm works. It also launched the all-new IGTV feature with its own standalone app, allowing users to plan for all sorts of long form video content. Plus, all the new features and improvements to Instagram Stories has made it essential for any social media power user worth their salt.

With all the changes they made last year, the app surely has even more tricks up their sleeve for the coming year. Level up along with them. Here are the most important Instagram statistics you need to know going into 2019, according to Instazood and Hootsuite.

Instagram User Statistics

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Instagram is even more popular outside the United States.

Only YouTube and Facebook can eclipse Instagram’s user base, as the network has a total of 1 billion accounts, with half that amount using the app every day. That’s 500 million people logging into Instagram! And although we may seem like a ‘gram-obsessed culture, 80% of the user base is located outside of the United States. When marketing, think about broadening your horizons when considering who you want your profile to reach, especially in an online-based business without shipping restrictions. You might just discover a new fanbase!

Instagram is popular with teens, but it’s the adults who shop.

65% of teens aged 13-17 years old use Instagram each day, and millennials make up 35% of the app’s user base as well. The latter part is the key, because these adults are the ones with spending power. Within the 35% of adults that are present on Instagram, 42% earn more than $75k a year.

Instagram Usage Statistics

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The constant influx of content means there’s never a dull moment.

One thing’s for certain: no matter how much time you spend scrolling through your explore tab, you may never run out of content to browse and accounts to discover. Instagram users click “like” 4.2 billion posts total per day, and 400 million Stories pass by daily as well. While great for downtime, it presents a challenge for social media marketers: how can you stand out and find your footing when there’s this much content? For 2019, reevaluate your strategies to see if what you’ve been doing the last year really works at this pace.

The time people spend on Instagram has increased—and might continue to.

Instagram Stories has impacted how much time people spend on the platform. Users under 25 years old spend an average of 32 minutes a day logged in, compared to 24 minutes for their older counterparts. Don’t forget to include Stories or other forms of video content in your plans for the year!

Instagram for Brands & Business

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Instagram is a haven for advertisers.

There are 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram, meaning business accounts who pay to have their products and services showcased. That’s a lot of competition—but it only goes to show how good Instagram’s interaction rate is. At a 2.3% interaction rate, it’s leagues ahead of Facebook’s 0.22% rate. Lesson: want more engagement? Put your ads on Instagram.

Businesses are flocking to the social network.

Because of this high interaction rate and the user base, businesses love Instagram. There are a total of approximately 25 million business accounts on Instagram, with 80% of all users following at least one. That’s good news for brands, especially B2C ones—60% of users discover products they want to buy through Instagram! You’ll need to do it the right way, though. Tap into the demographic that purchases things via mobile—70% of users who use Instagram also do mobile shopping—and draw them in with mobile-friendly content. Make your products look their best, invest in good product photography and editing, and experiment with creative layouts and Stories to showcase them.

Don’t stay stuck in the past. As social networks and audience behaviors evolve, so must the way we use it. Social media marketing is no longer a new phenomenon, so digital marketers need to keep reevaluating and adjusting their strategies and campaigns in order to keep relevant year after year. These Instagram statistics are with you for a bigger and better 2019!