How to Use Pinterest for Marketing: Reposting Content & Promotion

It seems that when it comes to marketing on social media, the top platforms that come to mind are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, with Pinterest being completely slept on. Which is completely bananas, when you realize that the ‘peg finder’ platform sees 250 million users a month, with an impressive 93% of those using Pinterest to mainly help them shop. One glance at these numbers and it’s clear that there is an untapped gold mine for brands that are yet to get in on Pinterest. And if that’s not enough, read on – we’ll show you how to use Pinterest for marketing, and why you should consider reposting content on the platform.

Convert Browsers into Buyers with Ease

Hello Fashion Blog Pin

Hello Fashion Blog pins outfits images, with the pins linking back to specific posts on their site that include affiliate links to purchase all the items pictured in the pin.

According to Pinterest’s very own statistics, 60% of their users say they’ve discovered new brands or products from promoted pins, with 87% of pinners say they’ve purchased something because of the platform.

If you take into consideration how the platform works, it’s easy to see why the browse-to-purchase path comes naturally. People usually visit Pinterest at the consideration stage of the consumer journey, meaning they already have an idea of what they want to buy or build – they’re simply visiting the social media platform for more ideas or inspiration guides on what to purchase and how to maximize their use for it.

Knowing all this should already give you an edge when it comes to Pinterest promotion for your brand. Do you sell cars? Try posting tips for sprucing up their four-wheeler’s interiors. Do you sell furniture? Try sharing style pegs for remodeling their bedroom. Do you sell trips and tours? Show them a look into what a vacation could be like if they take it with you. When it comes to Pinterest, don’t just sell products – sell the lifestyle.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Town & Country Magazine's Travel Destinations Pinterest Board

Town & Country Magazine has over 1,800 pins on their Travel Destinations Pinterest board, all leading traffic back to their website.

One major way Pinterest beats other social media platforms is its ability to link whatever you post back to your website. First of all, all images you post on Pinterest are searchable via Google – so if you play it smart with your keyword choices, your pins can actually reach an audience as wide as the entire internet user base. That said, you can attach any hyperlink of your choice to your pins, meaning whoever sees your posts can instantly be redirected to your website. It’s that easy – or is it?

Improving site traffic now relies on quality content that gets your audience interested in wanting to see more. Remember to up your content game with punchy visuals that are on-brand and resonate with your target market. (Read through these quick and easy mobile photo editing tips to help you with your images.) The more engaging your posts and pins are, the more likely they are to click on through.

Discover What Your Audience Loves

Pinterest is an idea generator and an inspiration finder, meaning people scour through images to find pegs of things they want to get, buy, or save for later use. This means that going through your target market’s saved pins should give you a quick insight on what they actually like, and what could be inspiring their future purchases. Unlike the data you can get from other social media platforms, insights mined on Pinterest are closest to a first-person view into the mind of your market.

It’s almost like reading their journals, but instead of words, you have images. Imagine the possibilities with future marketing campaigns – or better yet, product offerings and innovations! If this isn’t R&D, then we don’t know what is.

Earn More From Your Advertising Investments

As if you needed any more reason to get on Pinterest – the platform boasts that for $100 spent on advertising, brands earned $60 more profit than from other channels, amazingly outperforming others despite being seen as the smallest player.

In fact, a number of brands who’ve added Pinterest to their list of social media platforms have seen impressive improvements in their performance metrics. Craftsy online shop Etsy, for example, maximized the platform for their brand and found a 22% increase in site views and a 20% increase in sales since signing up. Home decor and furnishings retailer, on the other hand, reported that Pinterest users who shopped spent 50% more than those who didn’t.

Sure, if you compare Pinterest’s user base to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube’s, it’s easy to dismiss the numbers. But if you think about it, isn’t the relatively small count a good thing? This social media platform isn’t saturated yet, giving you more room to move around, and a head start to take your brand to the top.

So what are you waiting for?

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