It’s been a couple of years since we heard that content creators should ‘pivot to video’. These days, that still holds true. The average person watches 1.5 hours of online videos every day.

Not only are people watching a record amount of videos online, they’re watching a record-amount of videos on Facebook. It’s all about engagement when it comes to the social media platform, and no other medium drives a user to action than a video.

What works well on Facebook?

Video Marketing with Facebook

If you’re new to creating video for marketing your product, it can get intimidating. Don’t waste time on elements that are hard to pull off, and won’t even work all that well on Facebook. No need for fancy CGI, professional actors, or production values. Following the quick tips below won’t just result in a video that will work well on the platform, they’re also easy to create:

Keep your video between 60 to 90 seconds long. People watching videos on Facebook are likely on the go and have no time for videos over 2 minutes long.

Skip the sound. Focus on the visuals. Your audience might not be in a place to listen to voice overs or dialogue. If you have details to convey, use text within your video.

Upload videos in 16:9 wide aspect ratio for best results.

Don’t be afraid to use the Facebook Live feature, but it’s best done with a little planning. You want to conduct a live broadcast when most of your audience is online.

You don’t need fancy editing software to create videos for Facebook that will boost your sales. You can film a video straight from you smart phone, use a Facebook video editor like Instasize, and upload! You get powerful editing features without the learning curve.

How to Edit Facebook Videos on Instasize

Adjust Video Settings Add Filters to Videos Add Text to Videos

  • Step #1: Tap the ‘+’ icon and select video. You will be directed to your camera roll. Simply choose the clip you want to edit.

  • Step #2: On Instasize’s editor, you can resize or reposition your clip anywhere by pinching or expanding the video clip using 2 fingers. If you don’t want to resize or reposition your clip, tap the yellow icon on the bottom left hand side of your video.

    Want to make sure your video is the right dimensions for Facebook? Tap the crop icon and choose the resolution you want your video to be in.

  • Step #3: Improve how your video looks by tapping the adjust icon to pull up settings you can edit. Playing around with levels like exposure, contrast, brightness, shadows and highlights, will be especially helpful if you need to improve the quality of videos you took using your phone.

    You can also play around with sharpness, saturation, tint, and warmth. Want something more dramatic? Add a vignette or give your video that grainy film quality.

  • Step #4: Apply any filter to help you convey the right style and tone you want to go for with your video. Instasize has plenty of filters that are free to use. If you want more awesome options, you can subscribe to the app.

    You can also add text to your video. Instasize’s new Text Styles feature give you preset typography you can try. Just choose a font and layout you want, type in your text, and hit shuffle to see different variations. Tap the square icon to add a background to your video. Choose from Instasize’s large pattern library. You can even choose a different video or photo as your background.

  • Step #5: Tap the share button and save the video to your camera roll. Open your Facebook app and upload the clip you created using the Facebook video editor!

With smartphone videography and tools like Instasize making it very quick and easy to create video content for social media, there’s no reason you can’t produce more video content to grow your audience and market your product.