How to Repurpose Videos Across Social Media

Building a brand is hard. Building a brand while creating completely original content for multiple platforms is even harder. Perhaps more importantly, it’s not even necessary. There’s no need to make content that is 100% unique for every social media platform you use. Instead, you can repurpose videos that you’ve made and post those across multiple social media platforms.

It may seem lazy to reuse video content, but in actuality it’s a great strategy. However, just like life in general, there’s always a catch. In this case, it’s that it can be hard to repurpose videos if you’re not utilizing the proper tools. The trick is finding the tools that work best for you, and subsequently using them to your benefit. Here are some of our tips for creating video content on one platform, then reusing it on another.

Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are all useful when it comes to publishing videos, but it can be hard to repurpose videos for the appropriate medium. For example, if you created a one-minute long Snapchat video to post on your story, it would not be compatible with Instagram’s format of 15 second videos when posting stories on the ‘gram. Nevertheless, there’s still synergy to be found when posting cross-platform videos.

Reuse Video Content with CutStory

Continuing on with the example of posting videos of Snapchat and then using that content to post on Instagram, let us share with you a hack to convert Snapchat videos into digestible bites for your Instagram followers. CutStory is an iPhone application that allows you to cut long videos and turn them into short clips (that are perfect for Instagram!). The app doesn’t just work with Snapchat videos; it works with videos of all sorts. (Sorry Android users, CutStory isn’t available in the Google Play store — at least, not yet.)

Cut Story

CutStory works just as its name suggests; it allows you to cut videos into short and sweet clips that are just a few seconds long.

Building Your Following Across all Platforms

It’s important to keep in mind that while some of your biggest fans may follow you across all platforms, there are an equal number of people who follow you solely on one platform. This lends itself to two facts:

  • 1. Not every single fan follows you on every single platform, so you can reuse video content without them even knowing.

  • 2. followers on various platforms use those mediums for different reasons. When watching a Facebook Live stream, they may be ready to hunker down and devote their time to watch you in real time. Meanwhile, when clicking through Instagram Stories, they may simply be looking for digestible content that is easy, breezy, and engaging.

Bringing another platform into play, let’s discuss Facebook Live. Popular for long-form content, Facebook Live is a tool that many brands and influencers take advantage of. And while your followers can replay the video content long after the stream has ended, it can still be helpful to create clips to use on Snapchat, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Just like any great social media strategy, opting to reuse video content serves multiple benefits. Not only can you tailor content delivery specifically for the platform on which it’s posted, but you can also use it for cross-platform promotion. For example, you could post short clips from your Facebook Live to your Instagram story in order to drive viewers to the full video on Facebook. On the other hand, you can drive Facebook viewers to Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms by encouraging them to check you out on other platforms for quick and easy updates and posts. Last but surely not least, using long-form content and turning it into content ready for the ‘gram even allows you to promote old content while packaging it as new and accessible.

When it comes to posting content on all your social media platforms, the process can undoubtedly seem exhausting. Rest assured, though, that there’s no need to overextend yourself when it comes to video content; there are apps like CutStory that make the editing and reuse of video content easy peasy. Sure, it’s kind of frustrating to use multiple apps, but it’s worth it to create appealing, shareable content. And remember, when you’re trying to improve your social media visual aesthetic, we’re always here to help.

For tips on how you can create timeless video content that can be repurposed regularly, check out this article that our friends over at Sparksight have created.

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