It can be tricky to edit selfies. You want to post a photo showing your best self, but you don’t want it to look overly edited or even unnatural to how you actually look. Editing should enhance what you already have, and correct tiny imperfections.

Instasize’s beauty tools gives you an option to do exactly that, and all in one app! No need to hop around multiple apps specializing in just one thing before you arrive at the perfect selfie!

There are 6 beauty tools: acne, vibrance, whiten, tan, glow and smooth. Here’s how each tool differs from each other, and how best to use them:

The 'Acne' Tool - removes blemishes

Acne/Blemish Tool Acne/Blemish Tool

Your pimple won’t be around forever, so why should it be immortalized on your selfie? Choose the ‘Acne’ tool, tap on the blemish you want to disappear, and you’ll see it zapped away like magic. You can adjust the tool’s intensity using the slider, too.

The ‘Whiten’ Tool - lightens white areas

Whiten Tool Whiten Tool

One way to make the colors pop on your selfie is by making sure the whites are really white. This can be your teeth, or even a white part of your background. This tool can give your photo a polished, cleaner, and brighter look. It also helps make sure you have great-looking teeth!

The ‘Tan’ Tool - gives a sunkissed look

Tan Tool Tan Tool

Maybe you’re posting a beach selfie, or going for that beach vibe or aesthetic. Make sure you also look as carefree and beach-ready using the ‘tan’ tool. Swipe on areas of your photo you want to tan and use the sliders to adjust how deep the effect is.

The ‘Smooth’ Tool - gives you great, glowing skin

Smooth Tool Smooth Tool

The acne tool is best for spots, but if you want bigger coverage, use the ‘smooth’ tool. It can reduce imperfections like wrinkles, or just signs that you’re having a bad skin day. With the adjustment slider, you can control how much or how little the tool will give your skin that glowing look.

The ‘Vibrance’ & 'Glow' Tools - gives your photos a lift

vibrance Tool vibrance Tool

This tool gives subtle vibrance to areas of your photo or selfie that draws people’s eyes. It’s nothing too drastic (even if you crank up the adjustment slider to 100), but it gives a great overall effect that you really took the time and spared no details for the finishing touches.

With Instasize’s 5 beauty tools available to premium users, you’ll have powerful selfie editing options that cover all the bases! They’re each designed to work well not just on faces. You can use them to touch up even backgrounds and other elements in your photo.