There are many ways to draw attention to the center or subject of a photo. One of the most popular and easiest way is to add a vignette filter. You don’t have to think about professional photography compositions and tricks.

Adding a vignette can draw the eye towards the center of the photo, add a little drama, give it an emotional tone, and generally just make it compelling.

How does the vignette work? It darkens the periphery of a photo while keeping the center bright. Here are some of the ways vignettes are used in photography:

For Portraits

Portrait Vignette

If you want to frame the person you’ve photographed and draw the viewer’s eye to them without cropping or even adding a border, vignette photography can provide that effect. You can even use it to add a unique and more emotional spin on a selfie, or if you want to minimize a distracting background.

For Landscapes

Landscape Vignette

Took a wide or even panoramic shot of beautiful and vast scenery? You can use vignettes to add depth and a little bit of drama to your photo. Drawing the eye to a specific part of the landscape (like a tall tourist spot or a mountain) will make your photo more compelling.

For Objects and More

Object Vignette

Vignettes have a way of not just directing a person’s eye towards a specific focal point, it also sets a tone or mood that’s a little nostalgic or even dramatic. You can tell a story or make a photo of anything intriguing if you add a vignette.

Your photo can also dramatically change with the intensity of the vignette. The darker it is, the more focused the center becomes.

How to Add Vignettes to Photos on Instasize

Adding vignettes in your photos couldn’t be easier on the Instasize app:

Instasize Vignette Tool Instasize Vignette Tool Instasize Vignette Tool
Step #1 Step #2 Step #3

  • Step #1: On the app’s splash screen, tap the blue ‘+’ button, choose ‘Photo’, and tap the image you want to use with a vignette.

  • Step #2: From Instasize’s photo editor, tap the photo settings icon right next to the filters icon. You can edit or adjust other settings of your photo. For the vignette, side scroll until you find the vignette.

  • Step #3: You can easily add, increase, or decrease vignette by using the slider on the app.

  • Final: Tap the check icon and you’ll have an image with a vignette!

Vignette Photograhy Final

In just a few taps, you’ll be able to make any photo that much more compelling! For the best outcome, center the object you want to highlight when you take photos to make sure the vignette is highlighting the best focal point.

Try out some vignette photography today!