How to Make Better Snaps with a Snapchat Editor

Looking to improve your Snapchat game? You should!

The social media platform boasts nearly 200 million daily users, most of which are in the 18-34 range. Young, cool people who keep up with all the latest trends. Getting their attention is the secret to Snapchat success.

So, how do you do that?

Easy — by having an awesome Snapchat editor on your digital tool box, and making the most out of Snapchat’s wide array of built-in features.

How to Edit Snaps Using Instasize

Just as you would usually edit Instagram photos on editors with more features, you should also consider editing your snaps before uploading them on the platform. Instasize can help your quick snap fall more in line with your overall branding, it’s almost sad they disappear forever after 24 hours!

Tip: You can download your snaps and upload them somewhere more permanent like Instagram, Facebook, or compile them for a YouTube video.

Taking photos or videos directly from Snapchat can be limiting. You can’t adjust settings, add borders, or crop to your liking. You can only add elements like filters, stickers, and text. Sometimes you want a little more leeway for creativity and expression. This is where Instasize as a Snapchat editor comes into play.

Take or upload what you want to snap on Instasize

Crop your photo according to your liking. The great thing about Snapchat is that it has no set aspect ratios, although the app will include a default background to fill the rest of the screen. Editing photos on Instasize will give you the ability to resize, crop, and edit any image prior to uploading to Snapchat. The app even allows you to upload directly to Snapchat post editing.

  • Adjust your snap’s settings

    You can tweak photo and video settings like exposure, contrast, and brightness— details that can greatly improve the quality of your content, but not something you can do on Snapchat.

    Adjust Snap Settings

  • Add a Filter

    Don’t underestimate having plenty of filter options. The right filter can help you set the tone and mood of a snap, especially when you only have a couple of seconds and limited space to work with.

    Adding Filters to a Snap

  • Add text and borders

    On Instasize, you can add as many text fields as you want, and even choose different fonts for them. The app also has a large library of patterns and images you can use as backgrounds to turn your snap into a work of art.

    Once you’ve made a snap you can be proud of, save it on your phone and use Snapchat’s features to add even more elements like geofilters and stickers.

    Adding Borders to a Snap

Tips for Creating Great Snaps

Here are some general tips on how to make awesome snaps using Snapchat’s many features:

  • Keep it brief

    They’re called ‘snaps’ for a reason. Videos do well on Snapchat, but only if they’re a couple of seconds long. If you’re using up all 10 seconds, what your posting is too long. Creatively break it up into different snaps instead.

  • Play around with different elements on one snap

    Don’t be afraid to add text, filter, stickers, or even draw on a single snap. You’ll be surprised at the result of combining these features in different ways.

  • Use Spotify to add background music

    Play a song on your phone’s speaker then open Snapchat. Record your snap while music is playing and voila— instant background music!

Just because your snaps go away after 24 hours doesn’t mean you have to put less effort in creating them. Everything you send out is part of your personal brand. Think about it this way — with Snapchat, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. You better make it great!

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