How to Make an Instagram Story with the Instasize App

Looking to make more creative content this new year? Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to publish more, show personality, and connect with your audience in a more authentic way.

In just a little over a year, Instagram Stories have surpassed the competition to daily users of 250 million, and the number is only likely to grow. But, engagement potential is only one of many advantages to seriously including Instagram Stories into your content plan.

Why Should You Post Insta Stories?

  • 1. Each post has a 24-hour lifespan.

    Yes, the fleeting nature of Instagram Stories is actually an advantage! You can be a lot less formal on your Insta Story because the posts won’t live forever on your feed. You can be more personal and just have fun with what you post and your audience.

    If you want your Insta Story to be permanent, you can easily save it to your device and repost it elsewhere, including your Instagram feed. It’s totally up to you.

  • 2. Posting and creation is effortless.

    You don’t have to adapt to a brand new social media platform and go through the painstaking process of encouraging your existing Instagram followers to create their own accounts and follow you somewhere else. Your followers are your built-in viewers.

    It’s always a fun challenge to create content that is on-brand, regardless of the platform. It’s no different with Insta Stories, but there is definitely less pressure to perfect each post (you can save those for your main feed). The secret to success is your idea, the moment you’re filming, and how creatively you use Instagram and other editing apps like Instasize to make great stories.

  • 3. It keeps you visible.

    Do you take awhile between Instagram posts, making sure each photo is pristine and on-brand? Instagram Stories gives you another way to frequently (even constantly) engage your audience without spamming them. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you’re up to, or even share a teaser about the upcoming Instagram photo or video you’re planning to post.

    Insta Stories is also perfect for real-time posts. It’s a great way to share your process, behind-the-scenes, or events currently happening. You can inform and entertain your followers without cluttering your well-curated feed.

How to Make an Insta Story

  • Step #1: Access the Insta Story screen by either tapping the camera icon on the upper left corner from the Home tab, or tapping your profile photo from your Instagram profile.

  • Step #2: You can change the setting of your camera by swiping the shutter button:

    • Live - starts a live Instagram video
    • Boomerang - plays the video straightforwardly and in reverse to create a boomerang effect
    • Superzoom - automatically zooms your video to dramatic effect. You can tap the music icon on the screen to change the sound and the way the zoom behaves
    • Rewind - plays a video from end to beginning
    • Hands-free - records a video without having to hold down the shutter button

  • Step #3: Simply take the photo or video (hold down the shutter button to record) you want to post.

  • Step #4: If you want to use an existing photo or video on your phone, tap the small square icon on the lower left side to pull up your phone’s gallery. You can also access your media by scrolling up.

  • Step #5: Add filters by swiping left.

  • Step #6: You can add other elements using the icons on the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the sound icon to add or remove the sound from your video. You can also add stickers, draw, or even add text to your Insta Story.

  • Step #7: Once your done, tap ‘Send to’ and Instagram will prompt you to send it to your public Stories feed or send it to a specific user. You can save your Insta Story before posting it by tapping the Save button.

Making an Insta Story using Instasize

Since you can post uploaded photos and videos as an Insta Story, you don’t have to be limited by Instagram’s native features. Instasize is a tool you can use to create and edit your Insta Story before posting, giving you more freedom to be creative with your content.

  • Step #1: Once you’ve opened the Instasize app, tap the plus icon to upload the photo or video you want to edit for your Insta Story. You can upload a photo on your device or straight from a cloud device. You can even upload multiple photos in a collage.

  • Step #2: On the editing screen, tap the crop button and choose an aspect ratio or edit your photo freely so it is most compatible to Insta Stories that are 1080px wide and 1920px tall.

  • Step #3: Play around with your media’s settings. You can adjust its brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, sharpness, tint, warmth, and more.

  • Step #4: Add text by tapping the ‘A’ icon and choosing from Instasize’s font library. To edit the position and size of your text, simply tap and hold the black circle on the text field.

  • Step #5: Once you’re done, save it to your device and simply upload and post it as an Insta Story!

Don’t be afraid of experimenting and testing until you find what works best for your brand. Using apps like Instasize gives you that creative edge of making unique posts that show your brand’s personality.

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