How to Make a Pinterest Pin

Are you a visual creative? If so, you should definitely use Pinterest. It’s a social media platform where you can create online pinboards and collect, well, anything-- from inspirational quotes and online recipes to blog posts on business, and everything in between. We recently sat down with a Pinterest specialist and he made some solid points we'd like to share with anyone looking to expand their social reach within the Pinterest realm

First and foremost, you have to think of Pinterest as a search engine for all things creative + DIY. It's not so much a social platform as it is a catalyst of creation. Being able to create pins that will then direct wandering eye balls elsewhere is the ultimate goal. You can ‘pin’ anything on Pinterest, or use other pins and include it to one of your boards. Did you know you can create multiple boards, too? You can have one for inspiration, another for fashion, make-up tutorials, egg recipes-- the possibilities are endless.

How to Create a Pinterest Pin

In just a few quick steps, you can add anything as a pin. You can either upload something new or add something from another website.

  • Step #1: Go to your Pinterest profile and select ‘Pins’.

  • Step #2: Click ‘Create Pin’ and upload your graphic.

  • Step #3: You can link anything to your pin. This is what makes Pinterest so valuable. Link to blog posts or other social media platforms.

  • Step #4: Include a description. You can give a brief description of the post you’re linking with your pin. Make sure to use a few relevant keywords to help your pin show up in searches.

  • Step #5: Click ‘Done’. Choose which board you want to add your pin to, or create a new board. You can choose to make any board private or ‘secret’.

If you don’t have anything to upload, but would like to add something you saw online as a pin, just click ‘Create Pin’, choose ‘Save from Site’ and paste the URL! This will help generate traffic to your Pinterest profile.

How to use Instasize to Create Content for Pinterest

Now that you’ve learned how to make a Pinterest pin, you’re going to need something to pin!

First, you need to know what works visually for the platform. High quality vertical graphics (with a 2:3 ratio) with text overlays are likely to be re-pinned. Got a beautiful photo with a quote to match? Great! Collages and infographics work well as pins, too.

You can use Instasize to create pins other users will want to add to their own boards:

  • Step #1: Tap the ‘+’ icon and choose ‘Photo’.

  • Step #2: Pick a photo you want to upload as a pin, and start editing.

  • Step #3: Tap the crop icon to resize your image to the optimal ratio (2:3).

  • Step #4: Apply filters, adjust photo settings, and add text to your image.

  • Step #5: Once you’re done creating your pin, hit the share icon. Tap ‘More’ and choose ‘Create a Pin’.

  • Step #6: Write a description for your pin and choose or create a board you want to add it into.

More Pinterest Tips

A couple of other things you may want to consider when creating content for Pinterest:

  • Tip #1: Set up a business account - it takes a couple seconds and the insight it will later provide you will be worth the sign up!

  • Tip #2: When you begin making boards, keep it "secret" until you have at least 10 relevant pins, and then make it public. Generically speaking, 10 pins on a board will make it seem more valuable, and your chances of it being shared are a lot higher.

  • Tip #3: You should be rotating boards seasonly. The most influential Pinterest posters will begin pinning seasonal content a whole month in advance! For example, you may want to start pinning content for Halloween in mid September. This will give your content ample time to circulate.

  • Tip #4: Join a Pinterest group board with a friend or fellow pinner. Essentially this is a shared board, that multiple people can upload too at the same time. Joining in on a group board will grant you access to content you may have never been exposed to. It will also grant you access to audiences outside of your own.

With all that said, you should be ready to create an account, some pins, and begin your Pinterest pinning journey - good luck!

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