Some days, your skin just doesn’t feel selfie-ready. What if the time, place, and lighting is just perfect? Do you pass up an opportunity for a great photo just because of a few blemishes? Of course not. You work with what you have!

Fortunately, there are dozens of apps out there with photo smoother features that work just as well as a zit cream or foundation. Instasize, with all its many other tools to help you edit photos and videos, can also help you retouch your selfie in a subtle way.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving a smooth skin photo finish on Instasize:

  • Step #1: Upon opening the app, tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Step #2: Choose ‘Photo’, it will take you to your gallery where you can choose which photo to edit.

  • Step #3: Tap the face icon at the bottom of the screen to open the app’s beauty tools.

  • Step #4: Tap the teardrop or ‘Smooth’ icon to start editing your selfie.

  • Step #5: Zoom in on your photo by using two fingers. This will allow you to finely edit the parts of your skin you want to use the photo smoother on.

  • Step #6: Drag one finger across the area you want to smoothen. You’ll be able to see the difference on your photo. The change may be drastic but don’t worry, you’ll be able to adjust that.

  • Step #7: Once you’ve covered the areas you want to smoothen, use the slider at the bottom of your photo to adjust the intensity of the effect. This allows you to control how obvious or subtle the edit is. The lower the intensity, the more subtle the effect.

  • Tip: Keep the slider at the lower end to achieve subtly smooth skin. You want your skin’s texture and natural lines to still be visible. The trick is to enhance instead of change your face entirely.

  • Step #8: Accidentally smoothened areas you want to remain untouched? Tap the eraser or ‘Remove’ icon and use your finger to apply the correction. Make sure you zoom in for a more detailed and close retouch.

  • Step #9: Compare the before and after image by tapping the icon to the right of the slider. Holding it will revert your photo to its original version while releasing it will re-apply the changes you’ve made.

  • Step #10: Once you’ve achieved your subtly smooth skin, tap any of Instasize’s other editing features to further improve your selfie.

  • Step #11: To save or share your photo, tap ‘Done’ and choose where you want to send your edited photo. You can send it straight to Instagram, Snapchat, or save it in your Camera Roll! Tap ‘More’ to pull uo other ways to send or save your photo.
Smooth Skin Tool - Instasize

Smooth Skin Tool - Instasize