How to Get Featured on the Instagram Explore Page

Ever feel like you’ve exhausted all methods to grow your account? There might be one more trick you can apply: getting featured on the explore page!

When you find out how to get featured on Instagram’s explore page, you’ll find yourself with increased visibility to new users who are likely going to enjoy the content you put out.

There are many, many ways to ‘hack’ your way into the Explore page, but they all boil down to three core tips:

Tip # 1: Use all the tags.

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If there’s one tip you should follow to get on the Explore page, it’s this: always add location tags to your posts. Adding a location could land your post on the explore page for the specific area, or even the general location like your city or even country.

To increase your chances, tag brands relevant on your post. If you’re posting a lifestyle photo, or an outfit for the day, tag the brands featured on the image. This could show up on feeds for people who are interested in the brands you have featured.

Using popular (but relevant to your post) hashtags mean your posts will show up for people searching for them.

Tip # 2: Engage with your followers.

When Instagram’s algorithms see that your account has high engagement, your posts will be more likely featured on the coveted explore page. How do you increase engagement? You start by attracting the ‘right’ audience for you-- this means, people who won’t just follow and never like your posts or engage with them in any way, but those that will be enthusiastic about your posts.

Know your audience, and if you know exactly the audience you want to build, work with influencers that they know and love. This will give you access to their network. Once you’ve built up an audience, encourage them to not just like your posts, but save them or even share the to other users via DM. The more interest you garner from your post, the likelier you’ll find them on Explore.

Tip # 3: Create compelling content.

Are the posts you put out worthy of being featured in the Explore page? Create the best content you can. Include call to actions on your captions encouraging people to engage in some way. Be active and make posts that encourage frequent use like posting stories or even making Instagram live posts. When your content is compelling and interesting, or even unique, you’ll find yourself on the Explore page in no time.

If some of these tips are familiar, or things you’re already doing, then it only means you’re on the right track!

Being featured on Instagram’s Explore page can be incredibly helpful for your brand, especially if Instagram is integral to your marketing strategies. Instagram has put this system in place to lead users to accounts they will enjoy and are relevant to their interests. You don’t just get new followers, you get followers who are likely to engage with your content.

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