How to Edit Your Videos in a Compelling Way

Smartphones have democratized content creation. So much so, that you can film, edit, and publish an awesome video using just your phone. No need for expensive cameras or complicated software to edit your video. You can produce something great in just a few taps.

We’re not talking about simple videos you post on the fly, either. We’re talking high quality, shareable, compelling content that people will want to watch and then share.

Here are a few tips to step up your video editing skills using just your phone:

Trim the length. For social media, you don’t want videos to be over a minute long as most people are eager to scroll onto the next post. Get straight to the point, and your videos will be engaged long enough to make it to the call to action at the end of your video.

Add effects and transitions. Techniques like timelapses used to be difficult to achieve, but now you can achieve this with different apps. It’s an interesting and entertaining way to show passage of time in videos. Add in transitions from one scene to another to make the video feel more polished.

Add background music. Music can set the tone for the clip, and generally make it better or more interesting. Anything ordinary or normal can feel exciting, suspensful, or even romantic with the right sound. There are plenty of resources where you can get music that’s free to use, if you don’t want the use today’s top songs.

Using Instasize for the Cinematic Effect

There’s no reason your Instagram videos don’t have to look like they’re cut straight out of indie films. Here are a few tips to achieve a cinematic effect using Instasize:

Adjust the settings. On the adjustments tab, play around Warmth and Tint settings until you get that coloring that looks like a cinematographer shot and edited it. You can even add a bit of grain for that ‘shot in film’ look.

Pick a filter. Can’t quite get the grading or coloring with just adjusting clip settings? You might have better luck with a filter. Tap a filter you’ve chosen and use the slider to increase or decrease its intensity.

Crop to aspect ratio. Want something widescreen? Choose 21:9. Or, if you’ve filmed in portrait mode or just want to crop a clip as portrait, choose something narrow like 2:3.

Add a black background. You can elevate any video or clip just by adding black bars to the top or bottom (or even the sides). In film, this is called letterboxing. Tap the background option on the app, choose ‘Color’ and then black.

You now have an instant mini film ready for Instagram!

Videos might just be the most effective types of content out there, and when there’s a lot of content competing for the same views, you want yours to stand out from the pack. It’s all in how you edit your video. Test out different tools, check out different trends, and watch a lot yourself to see what works and what doesn’t.

Start creating!

Pro Tip: What is cinematography? Check out this great article on how to be a cinematographer from our friends over at Pixpa.

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