How to Edit Videos on Your iPhone with Instasize

The iPhone’s camera keeps getting better, and photo and video editing apps are right there with them. The right app on your device can make your phone a powerful video editing tool. You can shoot and edit something awesome and upload it online after a few minutes.

The great thing about an app like Instasize is that it has all the core features you need, without the steep learning curve. Plus, it doesn’t save your edited clip with a pesky watermark. Your final product will be all you.

Edit videos using Instasize

Adjust Video SettingsAdd Filters to VideoAdd Borders to Video

  • Step #1: Once you open the app, tap the ‘+’ icon then choose ‘Video’.

  • Step #2: Videos in your camera roll will pull up. Choose which clip you want to edit.

  • Step #3: Using two fingers, you can zoom your video in or out or reposition it within the square, making it Instagram ready, no matter how your video is oriented.

  • Tip: If you don’t want to keep it square and upload it using its own dimensions and orientation, tap the yellow icon on the bottom left of the screen above the row of different filters.

    You can also crop your video by tapping the Crop icon. You’ll be able to crop your video instantly to different aspect ratios, or tap ‘Free’ to crop it to whichever size you want, and crop out parts of your video’s frame you don’t want included in the final clip.

  • Step #4: Adjust video quality by tapping the icon with two sliders. You’ll be able to access different settings to improve your video according to your liking. You can adjust your video’s exposure, contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, tint, warmth, shadows, and highlights. You can even add a grain effect or vignette.

    To adust each setting, simply tap which one you want to edit. A slider will pull up. Drag the circle along the line to increase or decrease each option.

  • Step #5: Apply a filter to your video. Tap the icon with three diagonal lines and pick a filter to apply over your video. Once you’ve chosen a filter, tap the filter again to adjust its intensity. Use the slider to decrease your filter to your needs.

  • Step #6: For your border, you can choose from many existing patterns, change to a solid color, or upload your own photo. Start by tapping the square icon with a smaller square inside. Use the slider to increase the thickness of your border.

    To add your own photo as a border, tap ‘Photo’ then ‘Library’ to choose which photo from your Camera Roll to use as your border. To upload a photo with the blur effect, tap ‘Blur’ instead.

    To use a solid color as your border, tap the ‘Color’ and choose which one fits your needs. To use a pattern, simply choose which set you want, wait for the collection to download, and choose a border.

  • Step #7: You’re now ready to save and share! Tap the white Share icon on the right side of your screen. Different options will pop-up asking you where to send your video. You can send it straight to Instagram, Snapchat, or save it to your camera roll.

It’s not hard to learn how to edit videos on the iPhone, especially when you use a powerful and intuitive editing app on Instasize. In just a few taps, you’ll be uploading top quality videos in no time flat.

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