How to Do A Livestream on Instagram: Tips & Tricks

It’s no secret that video is a useful way to reach out through digital space and connect with your audience. We know, right? No big surprise there. What does come as a surprise is that live video can be a far more effective tool in your marketing toolbox. Research from Tubular Insights found that people watch many more live videos than on-demand ones. Around eight times as much, in fact. Another study found that 80 percent of users would rather watch a live video about a brand than read about it in a blog post. An additional 82 percent would rather watch a live video that view a social media post. Those are significant numbers, and they clearly point out that live videos are the future. It should be no surprise, then, that multiple video platforms are optimizing for live video, including Instagram.

Instagram is one of the best platforms around for you to connect with your audience. With its more personal feel, it provides a space where you can hype-up your product, go behind-the-scenes, ask for feedback, and ultimately engage with your followers. So what does Instagram Live bring to the table? Well, for starters, Instagram Live allows you to broadcast live as part of your Instagram stories. The live nature of the video broadcasts also helps build a relationship with your followers by allowing you to answer feedback and interact with them almost instantaneously. Engagement has never been easier! It is also a completely ephemeral service. What that means is as soon as your broadcast ends, the video disappears. No replays. This can help develop a sense of urgency in users, driving them to ensure they don’t miss out. Another feature about Instagram Live that should interest any potential marketers is that live videos are given number one priority in user’s feeds. That fact makes mastering live pretty important if you’re a marketer looking to promote a brand.

Now, if you’re planning on promoting your brand on the service, you’ll need to know much more than how to do a livestream on Instagram. Knowing how to produce the tightest content as efficiently as you can, so you can communicate with your audience in the most effective way possible, is key. To help you out, here are 5 tips to get the most out of Instagram live.

Creating Purposeful, Concise Content

How to Use Instagram Live

Before you start shooting, the first thing you want to accomplish is to have a clear idea of the purpose of your video. Remember, this is a live broadcast; concise delivery is king. You won’t have the benefit of fancy editing or retakes to help you look clever, so be prepared and have a solid grip on your message before you start shooting. Try and make it something extra special that your followers won’t see in your usual posts. Instagram Live posts should be special, so this is a great time to do things like product reveals. The lead-up to the broadcast can generate a lot of buzz around your product, as well as build anticipation amongst your followers.

Promoting Your Live Broadcast in Advance

How to Use Instagram Live

You should promote your live broadcast with a pre-live post or story. It’s a good idea to mention the time and date of your live broadcast to let your followers know when to tune in. You can also increase your reach by not only posting on Instagram, but on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well. For maximum traffic, it’s also advisable to schedule your broadcast during peak activity times.

Setting the Stage

How to Use Instagram Live

Before you start shooting, it’s a good idea to shoot a test video to make sure you are happy with the quality of the video and sound. You should also take this opportunity to see if the look you have chosen for the broadcast works for you. Take note of things like background, wardrobe, angle, and lighting. You want a clean, aesthetically pleasing background, for example, that won’t distract from your message. The same thing applies to your wardrobe. Pro Tip: avoid “noisy” products that may produce distracting sounds when you move. You can get great lighting for next to nothing if you position your shot next to a large window. Remember to make sure your sound is switched on! It would be unfortunate if you appeared unprepared, especially if you spent time hyping up the broadcast.

Create Incentives for Your Viewers

Once you start broadcasting, it’s a good move to incentivize your followers to keep watching your live video. This can be anything form a promo code, raffle, coupon or giveaway. Anything that gives people an extra reason to tune in and be exposed to your brand will help. This tactic is especially effective if your rewards are only available for a limited time… like the duration of your stream.

Instagram Live is a great way to connect even more with your audience. The nature of live streams makes it feel even more personal than static posts, opening up the possibility for great question and answer sessions. Being able to have real-time interactions can build stronger relationships with your customers, as well as winning new customers for your brand.

Now that you know how to do a livestream on Instagram, Instagram Live can offer an exciting, new way to market your brand and interact with your followers. Marketing live can be a scary proposition, but it’s exactly that element of the unknown and unpredictable that makes it so attractive to your audience. As in many things, being properly prepared will help you deal with anything that pops up. I hope this guide helps you navigate the ins-and-outs of setting up a successful live broadcast!

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