How to Create Instagram Story Highlights

Ever since Instagram introduced Highlights and the Archive function for Instagram Stories, it’s become a content platform everyone should be taking seriously. Now that there’s an option to make stories permanent, the ways to get creative on Instagram have only increased. This article will provide you with a few quick & easy ways to create Instagram Story Highlights to accompany your feed.

Whenever anyone visits your profile, the first thing they’ll see—even before your awesome and carefully curated grid — are your stories. Nestled right below your Instagram Bio, your Stories are an opportunity to showcase a little more about you + your life before a new follower meets your feed. This is a critical time for you to highlight the different topics someone will find on your page, and a catchy highlight cover is the first step to catching someone's attention.

How to Create Instagram Highlights

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  • Step #1: Go to your Instagram profile and tap the circular icon with a ‘+’ sign to create a new Highlight. This icon is right below your bio.

  • Step #2: You will be directed to your Instagram Stories archive. Choose which stories you want to include in your Highlight, then tap ‘Next’. Note: The order you choose Stories to include in your Highlight does not matter as they will always be shown in chronological order.

  • Step #3: Name your Highlight. You only have 16 characters for this title, so keep it very brief. You can always use the cover to convey more about what the Highlight is going to be.

  • Step #4: You can edit the cover of your Highlight. Tap the circle to edit your cover. You can choose any of the Stories you’re going to include and move it to highlight which part of the image you want to serve as your cover - keep reading to discover quick and easy ways to make fun Highlight Covers!

  • Step #5: Once you’ve finalized your Instagram cover, tap ‘Done’. Your new Highlight can now be found on your profile!

You can create as many Instagram Highlights as you want. You can even include a story as part of multiple Highlights. To edit, just hold down a Highlight and you will be able to remove or add stories, or change the title and edit the cover.

How To Create Instagram Highlights Covers

The cover of your Highlight is very important. As previously mentioned, you only have 16 characters for the title, which means you have to get creative with the image and/or text. It’s the first thing viewers will see, and likely what they will use to determine whether they should view your Highlights or not.

As you can only use Stories in your archive as a cover, you will have to post any cover you create as an Instagram Story first. Here are some ways to utilize the tools ON Instagram to create fun Highlight Covers for your Stories.

Did you know you could create a solid colored background on Instagram Stories? Snap a pic of anything, tap on the marker icon up top, choose the color you'd like to use as your background and hold down on the screen until the color takes over. BAM, instant color backdrop for you to add text, images, any anything else you'd like to use a potential Highlights Cover. Note: you cannot use GIF's as a Highlight Cover.

Tip: Something important to remember, when creating your Highlight Cover, keep emojis, images, and text near the center of your screen. This will make creating the cover that much easier - the Highlights cover is a circular portion of your story, so best keep the elements within the middle area.

Not digging a solid color as the background of your Highlights Cover? No worries, Instasize has you covered. Create fun text highlight covers using the backgrounds + font options on the Instasize app. Our backgrounds make fantastic text backgrounds, watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to utilize our themed backgrounds as font backgrounds.

Highlight Cover Video Tutorial

  • Step #1: Open the app and choose any photo to edit.

  • Step #2: Open the borders section of the app and choose your desired border.

  • Step #3: Use the adjustment bar to shrink your photo as small as possible - then use your fingers to shrink your image further and scoot it off the screen until you're left with only your background.

  • Step #4: Click on the "A" icon - this will open the text editor.

  • Step #5: Write whatever you'd like to use for your Instagram Story Highlights Cover.

  • Step #6: When you're finished make sure it's as centered as possible - and click 'done'.

  • Step #7: Save to your camera roll and then upload to your Instagram Stories - this is how you will access it for your highlights cover.

Some Instagram users are using Highlights as kind of a trailer for the rest of their profile, or their work or website, using icons as the covers of their Highlights for a more uniformed look.

It's important to remember that Instagram Stories and this new highlight feature is an asset - it should give new followers a more personal look into you and your life. The images most influencers post on their feeds are curated and perfectly polished - we have all come to realize that this isn't a realistic look at life, so use Instagram Stories and the new Highlights feature to better connect with your audience.

Having an organized Highlight Cover is the first step in catching someone's eye. We highly recommend you creating some right this instant! Find out how to curate other awesome content for your Instagram by checking out our article, How to Curate Content for your Instagram Feed using the Instasize App.

Tag us in your content using the hashtag #InstasizeCreatives! We would love to share what you've created using the tools on Instas ize.

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