How to Create a YouTube Video Thumbnail Using Instasize

So you’ve already made that pivot to video, putting your cameraphone to good use and editing and posting on your YouTube channel more than ever. But, how do you get more people to watch?

There are many tips to boost your views, but one quick thing you can start doing or improve immediately are your video thumbnails. Why are thumbnails so important on YouTube, you’re wondering? Here are a few good reasons:

  • It gives your channel a cohesive look. Vloggers and channels who take YouTube seriously have picked a thumbnail layout and stuck to it. Subscribers don’t even have to read anything and they’ll be able to tell which channel a video belongs to. It gives you that instant recall. This works best when you stick to a look for a time before changing. Not only will recreating it be quicker and faster, you can save it as a template and reuse it as needed.

  • You can think outside the box. It’s hard to get people excited about a video unless you’re willing to take a few risks. There’s only so much you can do with a still of your video, but creating a custom one? The sky is the limit. It’s attention grabbing, too. You want your thumbnails to get everyone’s attention.

  • You can add your branding. Adding your logo on a thumbnail gives your video a touch of professionalism, plus ownership. You can use your own custom fonts and styles that other companies simply don’t have.

But, what if you need to achieve all these but you don’t have the luxury to sit down with a laptop and edit? Fortunately, it’s possible to make a YouTube thumbnail with your phone! You have everything you need on Instasize.
Youtube thumbnails

Here’s how you create a thumbnail with Instasize

  • Step #1: Open the app, tap the ‘+’ and choose ‘Photo’. You will be taken to your camera roll. Choose the photo you want to use (Make sure you’ve taken screen caps from your video).

  • Step #2: Make sure your thumbnail is the right size. Standard YouTube thumbnails are 1280px by 720px. Tap the Crop icon and crop or resize your image according to the right size.

  • Step #3: Pick a filter or play around with the photo’s adjustment settings until the thumbnail looks close to your aesthetic.

  • Step #5: Add text. Instasize’s Text Styles make finding and editing text a lot more quicker. Just pick a layout you want to work with, choose a color, and type in the text you want to include.

  • Step #6: Once you’re done editing, tap the Share icon and save your image to the camera roll. You can now use the thumbnail you made using just your phone!

With just this quick and easy tip, you’ll get more people to watch your videos and engage with your content. Treat of your thumbnails as small and still trailers for the videos they’re going to watch. They should grab attention and stay true and consistent to your look or theme.

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