Have you ever seen a photo that looks so effortlessly beautiful and natural, even if the people in the photograph aren’t posing? It’s not just about how well people pose, or how comfortable they are with a camera. It takes skill to be able to capture the perfect candid shot. But you don’t have to be a pro to get the hang of it!

Here are some candid photography tips you can start applying right now:

1. Make sure you can move.

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Leo day 🐆🖤 *anzeige

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It’s hard to take interesting photos when you’re just in one spot the entire time. Moving around means you’ll be able to frame and compose your shots better, even without interacting with your subject.

2. Engage with your subject.

If you’re taking photos of people, pointing cameras at them might make them self-conscious. This results in photos that look unnatural. Instead, engage them in conversation. The more they get used to the camera, the more naturally they behave. And when they’re telling a story, you’ll be able to capture emotion.

3. Don’t use the flash.

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There are few situations where using a flash would make for the best photos. Candid photography is not one of them. Even with little lighting, you’ll be able to get interesting photos if you know how to set your camera right. Flash photography can also startle your subject, losing the moment you want to capture in the first place.

4. Shoot using ‘Burst Mode’.

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This mode allows you to take multiple photos in quick succession. This is particularly helpful if your subject is moving very quickly, or you want to get their expression just right. You’ll have to sift through more photos, but then it’s better to have too many to choose from, than too few.

5. Blend in the environment.

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better just go with the flow

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When you’re trying to capture the story or emotions of an event you’re photographing - such as a concert or a protest - taking part in the action will give you a better sense of the emotions you should be on the lookout for. It will also give you a great perspective.

6. Shoot from the hip.

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According to top photographer Annie Leibovitz, ‘shooting from the hip’ is when you put your camera near your hip and shoot, even without looking through the viewfinder. It gives your photos an angle you wouldn’t otherwise have, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

7. Always have your camera on you!

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A collection of special memories from this weeks #climatechange retreat with @spell & @theclimatecouncil Engaging with nature is one of the most empowering ways to communicate the message about climate change. The reality is, if we don’t change the way in we are living right now, we could destroy this planet within 100 years... what’s scarier is there will probably be global wars within 50 years, which means the crisis isn’t just affecting our children but also ourselves. The most important part of this retreat was the conversations that we had around the campfire with experts in the area. We felt safe to be vulnerable and admit the areas of our lives we could work on, to ask the questions that we thought were silly and to be reassured that it’s okay not to be perfect, but just to progress on our journey. As a social media influencer, it is important to use our platforms to influence for the good. like many, I often feel afraid to speak up about these concerns because I know I am not perfect in my own life and afraid of the judgement & criticism I may receive if i put myself into that box. It was comforting to hear from the @spell team how they are tackling this head on by responding to these judgements & criticism by acknowledging their faults & working each day to improve. At the conclusion of the retreat we were asked to reflect on what we would like to change going forward. Here are some of the things in my life I am going to work to improve: ♻️ be more aware about where my food comes from, how far it travelled and what packaging it comes in. ♻️ travel is part of my job but there are actions I can take such as walking more, travelling overseas less, & carbon offsetting my flights. ♻️ changing my superfund over to a fund that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels but instead renewable energy sources (such as future super & Australian ethical) ♻️ don’t support the fast fashion industry. ♻️ installing solar panels on our home. A Tesla would also be nice but ahh $$ 😂 ♻️ continue to further my knowledge in the area via docu’s & podcasts Let’s be kind of each other, kind to our planet and respect that everyone is at a different part of our journey ❤️ #bekind

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Part of the beauty of candid photography is capturing unexpected moments. The way you can do that is by always bringing your camera and anticipating action. Be aware of your surroundings and be curious about details. You can also get a lot of practice in this way.

Learning how to take candid photos might give you unforgettable photos that don’t just look beautiful, but tell compelling stories. You’ll also be equipped with the skill to capture unexpected moments you definitely don’t want to forget.