Want to increase brand awareness or simply want to shake things up with the content you post on social media? Why not publish more video? Nearly half of online users watch about an hour of video a day. You can get a sliver of that huge audience’s video-watching time by upping your video editing game.

You don’t even need a top of the line laptop, nor would you need to learn cumbersome software. You just need the right app on your phone. That’s right. Record the video and edit it instantaneously and upload it at lightning speed!

Instasize has just as many features for video as it does for photo editing, making it an all-in-one tool. No need to hop from app to app to add video overlay effects on your clip! Here are some elements and effects you can add to your video!

1. Video Filter Effects

Whatever aesthetic or color scheme you’re trying out on your feed, Instasize has a filter for that! Want a clip to have an artsy and timeless look? Video filter effects C1, C2, and C3 give that romantic black and white or sepia hue to any video.

While editing your clip on InstaSize, just choose the filter you want to apply. Tap the filter again to access the slider and set it to the intensity you want. It reduces time adjusting video settings while still being completely customizable! You can even organize the filter library by scrolling to the very end of the filters. Move your favorites up the queue and hide those you don’t need for now!

2. Text and Text Styles

Your camera does the capturing, the video filter effects set the tone and mood, but videos need a bit more design. This is where Text Styles and Texts come in. You can use these features to add caption, heading, or just a fun typography overlay to set your clip apart.

Instasize’s text styles are preset layouts you can choose from, designed by professionals to fit any design, aesthetic, and text you want to add. You can also choose to add even more text to your video, and choose from the app’s growing library of fonts to find that perfect look that is on brand.

Adding text to your video gives audiences context without requiring them to read the caption. You can express yourself and explain a little bit more right on the video, all while getting your creative juices flowing!

3. Adding Borders

Want to edit and upload a clip that’s not exactly in the ideal dimensions? Get creative before you get cropping! With Instasize, you don’t have to post videos with bland and unsightly black or white borders just to keep it the right resolution for the platform. These spaces are places you can edit and improve on Instasize.

Adding a border or background to your video makes it that much more creative. It’s also sure to catch the viewer’s eye while they’re scrolling through their feeds. Stand out with Instasize border packs like ‘Vibes’. Whether you’re feeling one with nature or girly and glittery, there’s a border that will complement your video and make it pop!

With Instasize’s camera, powerful video and editing tool, and seamless integration with social media platforms, it’s easy to use and always bears fun and fresh new elements for you to try! Post more videos and spruce them up with different video overlay effects from Instasize!