Much like Instagram, the best way to dominate Pinterest is to be smart with your visuals. With 93% of active pinners reportedly using Pinterest to shop and a whopping 87% crediting their purchases to this social media platform, it’s clear that coming out with the right Pinterest images and Pinterest Pins can help any brand build awareness and revenue. But how?

Size Matters

First of all, pay attention to the size of your images. While Instagram favors square-cropped photos, Pinterest is all about the vertical layout, with an aspect ratio of 2:3, or 720px by 1080px.

Pinterest Pin Sizing

According to Pinterest, “Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more.” While vertical Pins are favored, they also point out that Pinterest images shouldn’t be too long either—to fit the recommended aspect ratio, the excess at the bottom will get cut off. This doesn't mean square and shorter ratio pins won't work on Pinterest, it just means they may be cropped when viewed on different device screens. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your audience will be checking out your Pinterest Pins on different screens, so what might look good on a desktop might not be optimal for mobile. It’s always best to post, check, and edit, so you learn as you go and in a couple of tries, get the hang of it.

Make Stunning Visuals

  • Tip 1: Play with Colors

    Play with Colors

    Again, Pinterest is a visual site, with your audience most likely scrolling through images upon images before even hitting one of your Pins. So if you want your brand to stand out, you have to make sure that your Pinterest images pop, but are still within your brand’s visual language and color story. This way, even if your visuals drown in a sea of Pins, your target will have no trouble telling which one is yours.

    Instasize Brand Colors

    Instasize Brand Colors

    When coming up with your brand’s color story, it’s always best to stick to a tight, cohesive palette of two to three main colors. Run your visuals through Instasize to make your palette pop by editing your images’ hues or finding a filter that works great for your brand.

  • Tip 2: Play with Layout

    Play with Layout

    Being creative with your layout is another quick and easy way to make your Pins stand out. Use Instasize to play around with several images and compose them together to create a collage. This is perfect for creating unique posters, DIY Pins with step-by-step images, or even just attaching a cut-out of your brand to your visual s.

  • Tip 3: Play with Text

    Not all of your Pins are gonna be purely visual, especially when you want to share information or inspirational quotes. With text and copy being the focal point of your Pins, they still do have to be eye-catching. Thankfully, you have fonts for that.

    Play with Text

    Be extremely mindful, though. Aside from sticking to fonts that are on-brand, the text game is always “less is more.” Check out Instasize and choose one or two complementary fonts that are both modern and attention-grabbing, but ultimately still easy on the eyes and easy to read.

  • Tip 4: Create Value

    What makes Pinterest popular is how users interact with the platform and consume its content on a more personal level than with any other social medium; people use the site or app to find wishlist pieces and inspirational pegs to improve their lives.

    So in order to maximize Pinterest for your brand, you should leverage on its purpose and create content that generates interest and adds value to your audience’s social media consumption. Instead of simply sharing great shots of your product, why not show your audience tips and tricks on how to use them as well? Try your hand at instructionals, tutorials, and infographics like exercises, recipes, travel guides, styling ideas—whatever fits your brand best.

Create Value

Optimize Your Description for SEO

Your Pin description might be the last place your audience will look, but it deserves just as much effort as you put into your visuals. Keep in mind that your Pinterest Pins are also searchable on Google, so using the right keywords for your image name, title, and description should make it infinitely easier for your audience to find you and discover your brand.