Fitness Influencers Your Instagram Feed Needs

Contrary to popular belief, living an active and healthy lifestyle is a lot easier then you think! Making the smallest changes in your day-to-day can drastically improve your overall quality of life. Need a little kick of motivation? Looking for healthier eating options? Want to currently expand your workout regimen into new territories?! Then someone on this list will definitely be exactly what you're looking for! We've compiled a list of 10 very different fitness influencers who will hopefully inspire you to get up and get moving! From yogis, to body builders, these fitness enthusiasts are here to help you be the best version of yourself. Enjoy!

1. Kelsey Rose


Kelsey Rose

Getting fit and looking good doing it! Kelsey Rose has a fitness aesthetic we all admire. The cleanest kicks, cutest fits, and monthly fitness challenges has all of us here at Instasize on our toes! Kelsey utilizes her online platform to teach those beginning to workout some simple at home or in gym routines. If you’re looking for someone to help hold you accountable, Kelsey is your girl! Keep up the amazing work Ms. Rose! (photographs by: @thatquietstorm)

2. Sam James


Sam James

Vegan, GymShark athlete, model, is there anything Sam James can't do? Twenty-year-old, Sam James, is completely plant based and a rising fitness star. Her instagram feed is full of jaw dropping photos and extremely insightful captions. Have a question about fitness? Or living a plant based lifestyle? She probably has already answered it in one of her posts. If you haven’t checked out her page yet, do yourself the favor! Thank you for doing your part in helping save this planet Sam! We appreciate you.

3. Mona-Jane



We don’t think there are enough words to ever describe how adorable Mona and her beautiful baby boy are. This fit mama based in Hawaii will have you oohing-and-awwwing your entire way to the gym! Not only that but her feed is impeccable, how are you such a super mom?! Her bio reads “active living in natures playground” and her lifestyle portrays exactly that. We love your energy Mona Jane! Keep casting those positive vibes!

4. Russel Orhii


Russel Orhii

Bodybuilding takes time, unheard amounts of dedication, and a sincere love for the sport. Russel Orhii is not lacking in ANY of these categories. His instagram feed is full of inspirational photos that will definitely leave a lasting impression. If you are looking for some bodybuilding advice or motivation, Russ is your guy. His never-give-up attitude is what makes him stand out from the rest, and I can guarantee you will learn a thing or two from his feed.

Keep up the great work, Russ!

5. Whitney Simmons


Whitney Simmons

We all do it...stroll through fitness Instagram feeds before hitting the gym. Lucky for you, I know an Instagram feed that will give you all kinds of motivation to get to the gym and get sweating! Whitney Simmons is a Utah native who doesn’t mess around when it comes to working out. Her informative videos + photos have us gym ready. Watching her following grow from 16k to over 1M in under a year is nothing short of impressive as well. We can guarantee you’ll learn a new workout, or ten, after visiting her feed.

6. Evan Childs


Evan Childs

If the words “hard-working” and “dedicated” could have photos accompanying them in the dictionary, Evan Childs would most certainly be listed up top. From owning and running her own gym and fitness program to staying diligent in her own fitness journey, Evan is nothing short of incredible. A dedicated trainer, she is paving the way for women within the workout realm, creating new paths, and truly reminding us all what it means to be an ALPHA.

7. Chi



Fitness for the everyday. We love Chi and her feed because it promotes an overall ACTIVE lifestyle. You don’t have to be in a gym 24/7 to live a healthy and balanced life, and we love the insight that Chi provides to her followers. Her feed is filled with educational nutrition tid-bits, perfect for anyone looking to start a healthier eating path, but may not know where to begin. Thank you for creating such informative content Chi! Her food advice and overall happy presence online is exactly what your Instagram is currently lacking.

8. Julie Baird


Julie Baird

There is something so adorable about a fit & active family. Julie Baird, personal trainer and mother of 2, seems to have the perfect balance of fitness and family. Their countless adventures and outdoor activities would inspire just about any family to stay active! Julie Baird is definitely a woman to look up to. If you haven’t seen her page full of family, fun, and have to give it a look! Way to go Fit Mama!

9. Jules Hunt


Jules Hunt

Yoga is a lifestyle, and it seems as if Jules Hunt knows exactly how to live it. Her beautiful & engaging feed is full of wellness inspiration, yoga tips, and mindful living. If your life is lacking in peaceful vibes, you’ve got to give her page a scroll. Thanks for the daily inspiration, Jules, keep it coming!

10. Brian DeCosta


Brian DeCosta

If his incredible physique doesn’t get you to follow, then the countless charities Brian works alongside with will! He is a body builder dedicated to transforming both his clients lives, and the lives of those with much less. His consistent strive for excellence is seen through his online presence, and we’re definitely paying attention! Thanks for the inspiring posts Brian!

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