The leaves have started to change, the weather has begun to cool, and pumpkin spice is officially everywhere. (No seriously, it is.) That means that fall is upon us and it’s time to embrace Autumn. After all, sweater weather is better weather, right?

There are so many fun ways to spice up your insta with photos of Autumn. Honestly, fall photography ideas are endless, and there are so many ways to (pumpkin) spice up your profile. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Pumpkin Patches

We couldn’t create a list of fall photography ideas without mentioning that pumpkin anything is popular on Instagram. Piles of pumpkins. Pictures of you picking out pumpkins. Pumpkins scattered through the patch. Pumpkins adorning your stoop. Pumpkins that you turn into jack-o-lanterns. You honestly cannot go wrong. Micro-influencer Brooke Schulmeister has an incredible example of this photo idea.

Apple Picking

Just like pumpkin patches, apple orchards are an absolute staple when it comes to fall photos. You could take a landscape photo of the orchard — and perhaps up the saturation just slightly to really make the colors pop. However, an adorable candid, a shot of you with your friends, or a cute picture with your partner will really hit the nail on the head. Unsurprisingly, blogger and dress designer Julia Hengel excels at these types of orchard pictures.

Your Feet In The Leaves

If you’re a fan of classic Bean boots, there’s no doubt that your insta needs a picture of your feet in the leaves. This is a super easy pic to snap. Just find a big pile of leaves — not a sparse little circle — and step on them! Take a downward shot of your cute boots hanging out in the leaves and viola, you have an easy (but awesome) pic for the gram. Riding boots are also a popular option for this fall photo, but really, you can use any time of shoe. Or, if you’re feeling daring, you could go all out, like in the L.L.Bean Instagram post that you have to see to believe.

Starbucks In The Car/Walking Down The Street/Cozily In A Cafe

You can’t go wrong with Starbucks. Let’s be real: it’s in the category for being #basic for a reason. And the good part of Starbucks being basic? It’s a great way to create relatable yet aesthetically pleasing content. We’ve all seen the typical pics of someone holding up their Starbucks drink in front of their steering wheel, or walking down the street with Starbucks in-hand while rocking a cute flannel. You can check out blogger Caitlin Covington perfecting this aesthetic in her car (where she jokingly admits that the pic is #basic), walking down the street, and in a café. She’s covered all of the bases!

Playing In/Throwing Leaves

This may take a couple tries — or 27 — to get the perfect shot, but man oh man are pictures of people throwing leaves cute. (Note: they also work well for Boomerangs!) Leaf throwing pictures are perfect for the Bokeh (or “portrait” if you have an iPhone) effect. Granted, it’s no quick picture to perfect — but all great things take time. With you and some mid-air leaves in the foreground, and stunning fall foliage in the background, you’ve got yourself a picture that will surely rack up all of the likes. Seattle content creator Madison (@madcrayy) took a cute shot below.

Stark constrast

Autumnal colors in the foreground with bleak or neutral objects in the background is both classic and trendy. Think: a beautifully colored tree in Central Park taking focus in the picture, with a cluster of storied NYC pictures in the back. Or perhaps a photo rocking a vibrant fall outfit in front of a neutral background. The contrast will look cool, while further illuminating the wonder and awe of Autumn! Fashion blogger Christian Blair rocked an Autumnal outfit in front of a drab city building, and the end result is a chic fall photo!

Using murals in unique ways

Photos of Autumn don’t have to be about leaves, pumpkins, and Bean boots. The great thing about social media in this day and age is that branching out is not only cool, but encouraged. We’ve all seen pictures of people in front of Nashville’s “WhatLiftsYou” butterfly mural — as well as photos in front of local murals everywhere… but what about getting creative? Snapping a photo in front of a wall or mural with fall-themed colors is a simple but stylistic way to welcome Autumn with open arms — while not being cliché. Influencer Tezza nailed that aesthetic below.

So many fall photography ideas; so little time! There are a plethora of fun photos to take, and the best part is that you can create a fall aesthetic on your page with multiple Autumnal photos. (Gotta keep the theme consistent, after all.)

What shots will you be taking for your feed? We’ll be on the lookout!