Edit the Perfect Selfie - Beauty Tools Tutorial

When it comes to taking pictures of yourself and editing selfies, we noticed a rising trend. Content creators and influencers alike are spending massive amounts of time and switching through several apps to achieve their "perfected look". Wouldn't it be nice if you could enhance your natural beauty AND edit a photo all on the same app? Well look no further. The beauty tools on Instasize are next level editing and this tutorial will walk you through how to utilize each one.

Remove temporary imperfections with our state of the art beauty enhancement tools, right on the app! Never save, re-upload, and re-edit images across platforms ever again.


  • Blemish RemoverHave a temporary blemish or pimple you'd like to remove ASAP? Then this tool is your saving grace! Upload your image for editing, and tap on the blemishes you'd like to remove. A single tap on each blemish will do the trick. Use the adjustment bar to either heighten or lessen the intensity of the blemish removal.

  • Skin SmootherUse our smoothing tool to achieve a perfect and glowing complexion. Instantly remove unwanted spots, wrinkles, or marks on your skin in an instant. Pinch your photo to zoom into the desired editing spot. Use your finger to smooth out the unwanted markings or lines and the adjustment bar to either intensify or lessen the effect.

  • Teeth WhitenerWhiten your smile and/or desaturate backgrounds, our whitening tool is multi-dimensional. Choose a photo to edit, zoom in on whatever area you'd like to whiten and use your finger to select + whiten the desired subject. You can manipulate the intensity of the effect by using the adjustment bar. You can compare the before and after of your editing efforts by clicking on the two adjacent squares to the right of the adjustment bar.

  • Editing TipAs mentioned above, our whitening tool works phenomenally well with backgrounds. Really make your white backgrounds POP by enhancing them. You never know how much brighter + whiter you can make a surface that already appears white! This will also allow for subjects to really be the focal point of what you're shooting. Looking for more creative content ideas for your Instagram feed? Check out our Creative Photo Ideas to Incorporate on Your Instagram Feed article.

Beauty Tools on Instasize

These three beauty tools are the first of many to come on Instasize. Available to all premium members. Try premium for a free 7 days.

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