If there's one thing we've noticed on social media, it's the use of text posts to further add to an Instagram aesthetic. Whether you're posting to your feed, IG + Snap Stories, or creating Holiday greeting cards to print and send to loved one's, InstaSize has you covered. Every month we release a new set of fonts and filters to further assist you in creating fresh new content on a monthly basis.

Our new fonts and the filters within The Fusion Collection are sure to make you swoon! Check them out below and gather some inspiration for creating Holiday themed text content for your online platforms. On Instasize you can truly do it all! Edit a photo, add a border, add text to photo, and share to all your accounts, all in one!

Creating Holiday Announcements

With the tools InstaSize provides, why not get a little crafty this Holiday season with personalized Holiday announcements for both your feed and stories! Create stunning text visuals with a few simple clicks of a button. Follow the directions below to begin creating holiday announcements of your very own.

1. Start with a photo you love and edit using your favorite filter.

2. Crop into a square using our cropping tool. You'll notice there is already a pre-loaded "square" cropping option. Perfect for Instagram sizing!

3. Add a bright colored border around the entire image using our border tool. On your main editing page, the border icon will be all the way to the right. It looks like a square within a square and it will give you a ton of border options, themes, colors, etc. Unlock even more with a premium membership!

4. You can use the adjustment bar on the border screen to adjust your main image size in relation to the border around it.

5. For the final touch, a simple text greeting. You can access the text editor on InstaSize by selecting the "A" icon within the main editing screen. From here you can add multiple lines of text, each with a different font if you prefer. Unlock even more fonts with a premium membership to the app! Free seven day trial below!

It's one thing to pull a Holiday image from the Internet to share with friends and family. It's another to create a custom graphic all on your own! Looking for other ways to utilize our text editor? Check out our "Create Beautiful Content w/ Our Updated Text Editor" article. Now up on the blog!

Holiday Greeting Cards

With all the editing power InstaSize provides, spending money on expensive Holiday greeting cards is completely unnecessary. Use your favorite family photo to create custom "Happy Holidays" greeting cards to send to friends and family. Their fridge has never look so good! Follow the steps below to create your custom Holiday greeting card.

1. Choose your favorite family photo and edit using our artisan crafted filter collections + enhancements.

2. Once your photo is filtered and ready to go, click on our border icon. It will be at the very end of your editing tool bar and it looks like a square within a square.

3. You can use any of the borders that are already loaded onto the app OR you can use a custom photo from your camera roll. The image above was created using an imported image from my camera roll. I simply googled "pine needles" and found an image I thought would look nice as a Holiday background. You can do this with "snowflakes", "snow", "Christmas lights", essentially anything that would make a pretty background can be found online and imported into the app to use a background.

4. Once a background color or image has been selected, use the adjustment bar to shrink your family photo to a desired size. You can then use your finger to either move the photo up or down to give it more of a "Greeting Card" look. This will also give you room to add a message to friends and family. It will also show off your border a little more!

5. Once your background and image are at their desired locations, click on the check mark in the bottom right hand corner to continue editing.

6. You'll now be back at your main editing screen, and from here you can click on the "A" icon to open up your image in the InstaSize text editor.

7. Add a simple line of text or multiple lines of text, the editing opportunities are endless! If you're a premium member on the app, you'll have a plethora of fonts to choose from. If you're using our free version of the app, then no worries! There are still a ton of fun and elegant filters to choose from when creating your Greeting cards. Once you've written out your message, chose a font you're in love with, then simply click "DONE" and save to your camera roll!

8. Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. Essentially anywhere you can print photos will work! The image will save like a normal .jpg and will print straight from your device or email. We recommend a gloss finish to give your greeting card a subtle touch of professionalism.

Holiday Collage

The collage feature on InstaSize makes crafting custom collages a breeze. Choose from a variety of layouts + backgrounds to create fun, holiday collages that friends and family will love. Follow the steps below to begin creating collages of your very own.

1. When you first open the app you'll notice a "+" icon. Click on that and you'll be able to choose "collage" from your list of editing options.

2. Choose which photos you'd wish to use BEFORE you choose a layout. You'll notice a number of layouts begin to generate at the top of the screen. Don't select one until you've picked all the photos you wish to use and don't worry about where the photos appear on the generated layouts. You'll be able to move them around later.

3. Once you've selected your photos, choose a layout and proceed with editing. At this point you will find yourself on the normal photo editing screen. From here you can add a filter, fine tune editing with our editing enhancements, add text, add a border, and so much more!

4. If you scroll all the way to the right of your editing tool bar, you'll see our border tool (the icon looks like a square within a square). Scrolling through the border options you'll notice a ton of themed packages, colors, and of course our GLITTER package (which is featured up above).

5. Use the adjustment bar to manipulate the border width and complete editing.