The Social Media landscape is constantly changing, new features are being added to your favorite apps quicker than you can say "WowWhatTheHeckIsThisNewFeature". We understand how difficult it is to stay on top of new changes and we're here to outline the most important one's!

Here at Instasize we want to ensure you're equipped with both the tools and the knowledge to consistently create amazing content for your social media platforms. With that said, here's a recap of all the major changes to some of your favorite social media apps. Happy editing!

Instagram Updates

1 - Instagram introduces Story Highlights

The new feature allows you to group and save your favorite stories right onto your profile. Followers who visit your page will be able to view these highlights way past their 24 hour expiration date on your actual IG Stories. This feature has been highly requested from the Instagram community and works as a way to archive some of your favorite moments. Highlights are viewable as a scroll right above your feed. Quickly add a new Story Highlight by selecting the "+ New" button or remove one by pressing and holding down the desired highlight and selecting "delete highlight".

2 - Story + Photo Archive

This feature has been around for a few weeks now but few realize how to utilize it. Prepare to be ahead of the game! On your profile select the clock icon in the upper right hand corner, this will give you access to your archive. Instagram has been archiving your videos since this feature was implemented whether you wanted it to or not (you can turn it off by following the instructions in the video below). This feature will automatically save any video or photo uploaded to your Story and will allow you to access them at a later time to re-upload or add as a Highlight. So what's the benefit?

The days of saving stories to your camera roll are obsolete. You now have the ability to access and upload previously posted stories and we think that's pretty cool! Especially if you're a business looking to re-use previously made content. Efficiency is the name of the game and this feature is something we here at Instasize are very excited about. Our text editor makes creating text content for IG Stories a breeze. Unlock a ton of premium fonts with a free seven day trial to InstaSize premium.

3 - Join an Instagram Live Stream

This feature allows you to request to join someone's live stream or vis versa, someone can send YOU a request to join their livestream. Perfect for Instagram collaborations, interviews, or fun!

4 - Goodbye 24 Hour Restrictions for IG Stories Upload

This latest update allows you to upload both photo and video content that is older than 24 hours. Have a photo from your summer vacation you want to post onto IG Stories but it's the middle of winter? Go right ahead! This seemingly small feature is a huge benefit for brands and businesses who are posting to IG stories all of the time.

Twitter Updates

1 - 280 Character Count

When this update first rolled out, it was only for a handful of users. As of the start of November any Twitter profile can now post tweets up to 280 characters in length. Get super creative with your tweets by including animated GIF's as well!

Facebook Updates

Alright alright, we get it, Facebook is primarily used for keeping up with birthdays and connecting with family members you haven't talked to in ages. But the platform has actually integrated some pretty neat features that we're excited about!

1 - Facebook Polls

Whether you have a normal account on Facebook or a business account, POLLS is a great way to gather some insight on what your friends and followers want/are thinking. Use animated GIF's as well to further make your POLLS more interactive.

2 - Facebook Local

What was once known as Facebook Events, Facebook Local takes on a persona of it's own, connecting you to events, places, and things happening near you. Facebook Local will help you discover bars, restaurants, and attractions using a single search engine powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends’ checkins.

3 - Collaborative Stories for Events

Similar to how the hashtag grouping of videos is set up on Instagram, groups on Facebook will now be able to contribute their personal videos to one mega live stream. Check out the demo for a better break down of this new feature.

InstaSize Updates

You knew a promo for the best photo editing app on the market was coming. Every month we add new filter collections, border packages, text collections, and editing tools to Instasize. Don't miss out on the premium amazingness