The InstaSize Brand Ambassador Program is a community of creatives who all have the same goal in mind - create beautiful content. Passion, desire, and creativity are the first 3 words that come to mind when describing our team of nearly 400 BA’s. Find out how to get involved!

The input and direction we receive from our ambassadors is critical to our Instasize Community, and we are so thankful for their dedication.

The Instasize BA Program began in mid-September 2017, and since has grown to an incredible group of nearly 400 creative, driven and inspiring individuals.

Our Ambassador Community is from around the world, and is continuously growing! We have Instasize Ambassadors from: Brazil, Chile, United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, South Africa, West Africa, Venezuela, Morocco, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Northern Marianas Islands, Quebec, and Colombia...just to name a few. It is an incredible community full of diversity, culture, and creativity - and we are loving every minute of it!

To get accepted into the program, you must apply through our Brand Ambassador Application. Once the application has been submitted, each applicant receives the task of writing a summary of “why they would make a great Instasize Ambassador” and a picture or two they have personally taken and edited with Instasize. Once those are submitted, the reviewing process begins. When accepting Brand Ambassadors we look for a couple of things - their level of passion for creativity, their personal Instagram accounts and the photos they are posting, and the age requirement of 18 years old.

Once accepted as an Instasize Ambassador, we get you set up with Instasize Premium for free - which is one of the perks to the program. This allows the ambassadors to get an in depth look at the app and have full access to all filters, borders, beauty tools, text editing, etc. With new features being added monthly, we greatly appreciate their honest feedback.

Every Monday the Brand Ambassador Community is assigned a new task to create content, we call these our “Weekly Creative Challenges”. The Weekly Creative Challenges vary each week and range from creating Instagram Stories showcasing new features, to creating content for our newest filter collections. We encourage each ambassador to be as unique and creative as they desire - individual creativity is very important to us and has shown to create the best content.

Along with the Weekly Creative Challenges, our Ambassadors are given individualized download links to place in their social media bio’s to promote to their followers. The link will lead to a Free 7 Day Trial of Premium - which is a great way to test out the app and it’s Premium features.’s FREE!

Each week we do a special “Brand Ambassador Spotlight” and feature some of our dedicated BA’s and the photos they created from the week prior to our Instasize Instagram account. Each photo holds its own beauty and we do our best to display that to the Instasize Community. The BA’s have voiced how much they love seeing their creation displayed to our followers on social media.

If you are interested in some of the content our Brand Ambassador’s are creating, you can check out our dedicated hashtag #InstasizeBA to view almost 3K photos posted by our team. This is where we go to engage on our Ambassador’s photos, and show them some love!

We're very excited to see our Brand Ambassador Program continue to grow!