Here’s a popular question: How do you turn your personal brand into one of the best Instagram accounts to follow?

The best brands on Instagram usually have social media experts running their accounts. But don’t worry! Taking a look at the best brands on Instagram to see what’s working for them, is the best way for you to learn more about personal branding.

Not entirely sure how to step up your Insta-game? Here are 11 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for some inspiration!

1. Glossier

For now, we’re going to focus on how Glossier nailed their Instagram bio.

With very few words, they manage to capture the essence of their brand! They provide a link, along with a call to action to shop their products, and they add just enough emojis to add a hint of personality.

Main takeaway? Your Instagram bio is super important. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure to include all relevant info. Don’t forget to add some personality in there to differentiate your brand!

2. Nike

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Don't chase records. Chase history. #justdoit

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Nike is one of the most-followed brands on Instagram. But what really sets Nike apart from the other brands? For Nike, #justdoit is more than just a brand-specific hashtag. From the subject matter, to their clear and concise captions, every single post radiates their #justdoit mentality.

Main takeaway? The best brands on Instagram will focus on selling the lifestyle or mentality that comes from owning their products, rather than the product itself. Note: Nike is definitely one of the best Instagram accounts to follow.

3. Airbnb

By posting photographs of the most captivating lodging situations across the world, we’re enticed to experience it. Airbnb always provides a long, detailed caption to whisk you away into the photo.

Main takeaway? Don’t be afraid to use long, detailed captions. With Airbnb’s captions, they actually manage to change how we experience their photos immensely.

4. WeWork

WeWork offers shared office spaces worldwide, and they use their Instagram to showcase their laid-back culture and to redefine the concept of a ‘workspace’ altogether. The workspaces in their posts look so cool, you wouldn’t mind working weekends.

Main takeaway? Take good photos. High-quality images will make the lifestyle that you’re trying to sell, so much more appealing.

5. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham only has one Instagram account (that we know of). This is interesting because designers and influencers typically create a new account when they launch a label.

But the point here is to highlight Victoria Beckham’s tactful use of hashtags. They’re incredibly brand-specific, and she always uses less than 4.

Main takeaway? Create a brand-specific hashtag and use it consistently. When used correctly, 1-3 relevant and popular hashtags can be a powerful tool to make your posts (and your brand) more discoverable to the right audience.


There’s actually a lot to learn about marketing strategy from British retailer, ASOS. But for now, let’s just focus on their unique approach to influencer marketing.

ASOS takes the concept of influencer marketing to the next level by putting together a team of brand ambassadors, and creating sponsored accounts for each influencer. Each brand ambassador uses their sponsored account to feature clothing from ASOS, with tags that’ll direct you to the official ASOS account.

Main takeaway? Pairing up with an influencer who’s relevant to your niche community is a great way to gain exposure. Reposting user-generated content also helps to create a sense of community.

7. Refinery29

Refinery29 maintains a consistent feed full of quotes to inspire and empower women.

Main takeaway? Post content that adds value to your followers’ feeds. Anything from useful tips and tricks, to quotes that inspire or motivate.

8. Warby Parker

Although the subject matter is fairly diverse, their posts are rather consistent in its humanistic quality.

Main takeaway? Show your followers that you’re more than just a brand. A great way to humanize your brand is to post photos of what goes on behind-the-scenes!

9. Jenn Im

Fashion vlogger, Jenn Im, adds a personal touch to her personal brand by sharing special moments with her followers.

Main takeaway? Get personal! Authenticity is what helps you connect with your followers on a deeper level.

10. Tesla

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How Model 3 gets made. Order at

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While Tesla’s posts are product-heavy, they clearly know their audience and what’s appealing to them.

Main takeaway? Know your audience. Figure out who your target demographic is, and create content that appeals to them.