Avoid Social Media Stress with These 5 Organizational Tips

You’ve created accounts for your brand on the social media platforms that matter to your audience and have already decided what types of posts you want to move forward with. You may already have been posting for a while—but what used to seem like an enjoyable prospect is quickly making you feel overwhelmed and tired. Our diagnosis: social media stress. Social media management may look easy, but one of the biggest challenges marketers have mentioned is the need for resources, both in terms of tools and amount of employees.

Here at Instasize, we’re always testing and discovering what works for us, and so we have five tips to help you keep your social media tasks (and team!) in order.

Build a Marketing Calendar

Miscommunication about when and how marketing initiatives begin and end can be a major headache for everyone involved, so you want to make that a non-issue. Organizations with connected employees actually show productivity increases of 20-25%. You can use a free resource like Google Sheets to create checklists, templates and calendars accessible and editable by your entire team to monitor everything from campaigns to budgets. If you’re looking for something long-term, you can also invest in an all-in-one marketing calendar. Here at Instasize, we use CoSchedule for our social media organization needs. It lets us plan our campaigns months in advance, shows us project progress in one centralized location, and allows us to manage social media profiles from the same place. They provide a free 30-day trial that includes access for three users, ten social profiles, and one calendar. 

Repurpose Your Content

Having to continuously create and upload new pieces of content can be exhausting. The solution? Repurpose the same content across different platforms—but tweak it just a little so that it suits where it’s posted a little better. Don’t worry about your followers seeing the same post over and over. For example, you can repurpose video content shared to one account (let’s say, for example, Instagram Stories) and tweak it a little for a YouTube channel, your blogging platform, or even Pinterest. You can also use photo headers from your blog as promotional posts on your Instagram and Facebook accounts, and more. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching posts to platforms!

Schedule Posts in Advance

You can’t have proper social media organization without scheduling posts in advance. Having a scheduling tool on hand not only eases the stress of having to post live, they also usually come with their own analytics tools. Another benefit to scheduling your social media posts in advance is that you can prepare for special occasions and milestones in advance and upload posts right on the dot, down to the time you prefer. If your business is fond of Instagram like we are, we recommend getting an Instagram management tool. One we like is Unum, a management tool that allows you to upload photos, write out captions with hashtags, discover user-generated content, and schedule posts for automatic uploading. There are quite a few more out there, like Mylio or Missinglettr, and possibilities have definitely opened up since Instagram updated their API earlier this year.

Set Time Limits

This one is a general time management tip, but it’s one many often forget due to how quickly the internet moves. There always seems to be a new comment to read, a new photo to repost, a new message to respond to, and fresh industry news to scrutinize. As with anything else, manage tasks, set your boundaries, and keep your employees engaged to avoid employee burnout and high turnover rates! A lot of the social media stress you’re feeling might be due to a lack of being time-efficient and not blocking out time for tasks. Why not read articles in the morning and get to messages before or after lunch? Why not set a schedule or track your time - 10-15 minutes every hour to scroll through hashtags for trends? You can also write down your most pressing tasks and allot more time to those instead of rote work.

Let Customers Book Online

Gaining customers for your small business through your social media accounts is a huge reward for your efforts indeed, but it can come with its own share of problems if you aren’t equipped to deal with the volume of appointments you need to schedule. At some point, you may need to juggle responding to inquiries and taking calls from interested followers. To remedy and maintain a positive customer experience, use an online booking app like BookedIN and link it to your profile to divert inquiries from your inbox into one location. While tools like these can bring you more customers through social media, it's great to partner this with a business phone system that lets customers connect with you directly.

Leverage Project Management

Today's social media campaigns are no easy feat, especially when marketing to today's overly empowered consumers. From intensive research, complex strategy, production, etc there are many overlapping tasks making it easy to lose track.  To simplify your work, you can use human resource softwares or productivity apps.

It's also a good idea to integrate your campaign with payroll software or agile PM tools like monday.com to streamline the organization and track progress in real-time. What's more, Monday.com has a powerful team-collaboration system that allows managers to assign and tasks to multiple users in a simple and efficient manner. 

There are many productivity solutions and productivity hacks out there for businesses on social media. Remember, set your boundaries, look for new communication tools and ways to ease your workflow, and you’ll definitely find the perfect solution for you!

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