Whether you're eager to promote your brand, update your following on upcoming events, or share a scrapbook inspired image to catalog your recent vacation, our updated text editor can help you create stunning visual content. Everyone from major brands to micro-influencers use text overlaid images on their social media profiles to promote their content, and with the Instasize text editor it's never been easier.

Regardless of whether you’re a premium member or not, the new features in our updated text editor are definitely worth checking out! For premium members, we’ve introduced 10 new fonts; Fredoka, Barcode, Mr Dafoe, Nixie One, Norwester, Playlist, Sedgwick, Selima, Six Caps, and Text Me One.

New Instasize Fonts

Bring personality to any social media announcement or curated content! We’ve made our text editor more powerful than ever and we’re happy to show you our new tools + adjustments. Wondering where you should be creating + posting content? Check out our Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat blog post for further insight on both platforms.

Add Multiple Lines of Text + New Features: Text Styles

Instasize Text Examples

You can now add multiple lines of text in a single editing session. Better connect with your followings by providing insightful quotes, captions, and so much more. Create aesthetically pleasing IG Stories Announcements with over 40+ different fonts. 

We're also proud to announce the addition of the 'Text Styles' editor tool to the Instasize App. Create beautiful typographic designs, and cycle through different of each font design variants simply pressing the 'shuffle' button.

More Colors Now Available

Instasize Text Color Examples

Personalize text with an array of colors! Each line of text can be a different shade of awesome. The new and improved text editor comes equipped with over 40+ different colors to choose from.

Experience for yourself the new and improved text editor! Available for both premium and non-premium members.