Adventure Photography: Photogenic Hiking Trails for Summer

Looking for a way to shoot some unique content for the ‘gram?

While you’re at it, why not get some exercise in too by checking out some of the most picturesque hiking trails for summer. You really can’t say you’ve had the best summer EVER, without experiencing all the beauty nature has to offer.

Not sure where to set up your next adventure photography seshMake sure to bring a GPS device, here are 7 hiking trails for summer in the US that you must check out!

1. West Maroon Creek Trail – Colorado

Here’s a hiking trail for someone who’s got a little more hiking experience and is looking for a challenge! From the spectacular views of Colorado’s trademark mountains, to the magnificent terrain and beautiful envelope of wildflowers, this is a phenomenal spot to get some good adventure photography in.

Just keep in mind that this hiking spot has a higher difficulty level than others!

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2. Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park, Utah

Angel’s Landing is one of the most phenomenal hiking trails for summer. You can expect astounding views of Zion Canyon, where the impressive rock formations date back 270 million years.

With plenty of scenic outlooks – which you can never really get enough of when you’re trying to step up your adventure photography skills, you can count of this hiking trail for a ton of unique content for the ‘gram. Just make sure you set an alarm because it can get pretty crowded later on in the day!

3. Rubicon Trail – South Lake Tahoe, California

Looking for a tranquil hiking spot? Rubicon Trail is at the very top of the list when it comes to peaceful hiking trails for summer. Aside from the magnificent view, you’ll find a ton of spots along the way that you can easily turn into your very own sanctuary to bask in pure bliss.

The best part? You can expect plenty of shade along the trail!

4. Cascade Canyon Trail – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

If you’re looking for hiking trails for summer that you can explore at a leisurely pace, Cascade Canyon Trail is your best bet!

This moderate hiking trail follows Cascade Creek, which means you get a spectacular view of the waters during your hike, then you can look forward to breathtaking Hidden Falls at the very end!

5. Cloud’s Rest – California

Located by Yosemite Valley, this massive granite peak is a fantastic hiking spot for more experienced hikers.

You can expect incredible views at almost every point! Most notably, you can look forward to seeing the spectacular outlook of Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls, while an impressive view of the Half Dome awaits you at the top.

6. Templeton Trail – Coconino National Forest, Arizona

Not into strenuous hikes?

Here’s one of the best moderate hiking trails for summer with a wide, calm area and interesting sites to explore along the way. Although this hiking trail is generally quite flat, there’s one steep climb that you can expect to encounter.

This is a fantastic spot to practice your adventure photography skills while taking in the impressive view of red rock that surrounds you!

7. Hoh River Trail – Olympic National Park, Washington

Located in the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic National Park, Hoh River Trail definitely tops the list as one of the most breathtaking hiking trails for summer!

Leading to the Mount Olympus Blue Glacier, this trail is relatively flat up until the point where it ascends to Glacier Meadow. If you’re looking for a hiking experience that’s truly out of this world, this sacred space is your best bet!

If camping or backpacking is way more up your alley, you’ll be happy to hear that this is a very popular destination for the two.

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