Adding Text to Photos with Instasize

A picture may say a thousand words, but there’s no harm in giving one a little boost. For those using personal social media accounts, adding text to a photo can give it a dash of style to help make it stand out on your followers feeds. Brands doing social media marketing can also use text to slip in catchy taglines, let their audience know about upcoming promotions, give information about events, and more.

This editing process can become time-consuming if all you can do is shuffle photos around within different apps due to limited and separate feature sets. Luckily, to improve user experience, Instasize has a variety of text options in addition to retouching, collages, filters, and video effects—cutting the need to download multiple apps to get your pictures just right.

The Basics

  • Step #1: Open up the Instasize app and start by selecting the photo you want to edit. This can be a single image or a collage.

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos with Instasize

  • Step #2: After applying your desired filters and adjusting more minute details like color contrast, click on the text option in the toolbar. A blinking cursor should appear with a side-scrolling list of text color options below.

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos with Instasize

  • Step #3: Began typing your desired text and select a font color. Once finished, you can also hold and drag the box to position your text around the image, or drag around the button in the lower right corner of the text box to rotate it.

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos with Instasize

  • Step #4: Look back at to the toolbar and you’ll see a list of fonts. Swipe right through them to view more. Select a font: see how it immediately changes what your text looks like? When done positioning and sizing your text, select 'done' in the upper right hand corner of the app to save your image.

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos with Instasize

Tips for Marrying Images with Text

With all the editing options available it’s important to remember not to go overboard with post-processing. You want the text—and what it says—to have a complementary relationship with the photo. Here are three tips on arranging them to achieve balance between the two.

  • Tip #1: Save Space

    How can you tell if a picture is ripe for additional text? One way is to identify its main focal point. If there’s enough space around it for text to be added and still be readable, go for it. This works especially well with images where elements away from the focal point are a bit plainer, or images that use a short depth of field.

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos | Save Space

  • Tip #2: Vary Text Size and Rotation

    Direct the eye towards specific elements of the photo or just add a bit of whimsy by playing with text size and rotation. Try using smaller fonts for an understated look, or go big and make the text the star of the show. For rotations, try tilting your text to follow along the sides of the subject of your photo, have them crawl up the sides of the borders, and more—the choice is yours!

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos | Text Size & Rotation

  • Tip #3: Pick the Right Fonts

    What do you want your photo to convey? Pair your photo with a font that fits that ideal. Instasize has a variety of free and premium fonts for you to choose from. A few examples of free fonts: Boogaloo is a thick, rounded font that can accompany photos that are equally casual, bright, and fun. Caviar Dreams, on the other hand, is a thin sans serif that exudes retro-inspired elegance. Josefin Slab is an option for classy photos for those who prefer serifs. For those with premium subscriptions, you can talk everything digital with the pixel font Dotty, add some edginess with Libre Barcode, or leave a flourish with Playlist Script—take your pick!

  • Adding Basic Text to Photos | Fonts

Special Feature: Text Styles

Still having trouble? There’s an even easier solution available to premium users on iOS. Instasize’s Text Styles are preset layouts made by type designers that simplify the process even more. Check out a preview of some of the styles below:

Instasize Text Styles Examples

Whether you want to fiddle with customizability or would rather opt for a quicker approach, Instasize provides an array of features fit for both. Placing text is just one way the app gives you the opportunity to get that perfect shot. Pair them with filters, borders, and even videos to achieve the look you want. Try it out for yourself! Download Instasize today on the iOS App Store or on Google Play for Android.

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